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Money Money Money – Managing Finances While at Uni

Out of all of the worries that people have about going to University, money is definitely one of the biggest. People are concerned about how they will afford it. This blog post is just going to be a quick rundown of a few different ways in which you can garner a little extra income to help out during term-time.

Most universities offer a wide variety of bursaries to their students. Naturally, they aren’t available to everyone but the eligibility criteria vary greatly from academic merit to social background to hometown so it is definitely worth checking. Check your university website for details on any bursaries for which you may be eligible.

A good idea or even necessity for many students. A part-time job can be extremely useful when at university as not only does it help to foot the bills of term but it also gets you experience which is always desirable when it comes to looking for a job. For this reason, even if you’re financially comfortable at university without having to work, it might not be a bad idea to consider a small part-time position somewhere.

I must confess that my knowledge of The Student Hardship Fund is only limited to Warwick University, but I do not doubt that all universities have a very similar scheme in place. The fund is there to support students who, in their situation, require financial aid if they are to continue their studies. The application process involves a needs assessment with a member of university staff who will then deem whether or not your application is appropriate.

Being fresh out of secondary school (usually), most university students are in an ideal position to take on some tutoring work with current secondary school students while the material is still fresh in their heads. Nowadays, there are plenty of online services that help to match up students for a mutually beneficial exchange.

Just because you’re ‘on holiday’ doesn’t mean that you cannot do work in your breaks from university. Many students, especially those who had a job before going to university, successfully organise an arrangement in which they can return and do seasonal work in their hometown between term-times. Of course, this is a rather circumstantial arrangement but given how commonly it occurs, you will be surprised at how likely you are to find something suitable.

You may be considering this anyway so that you can get the experience (and maybe a grad job) but the vast majority of summer internships which are available to students see the interns receiving a payslip. This wage is very often very generous given student income expectations and hence can go a long way to eradicating that overdraft debt. Definitely worth a consideration. Plus, an internship never looks too shabby on a CV.

These are just a few ideas to help you line your pockets a little when you’re doing your studies but obviously there are tons of other options available. Hopefully, you will find the one(s) which works for you.

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