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Module Reviews from Term 1

Hi everyone. For those of you that are reading my blogs, you have probably noticed that I haven’t dedicated enough of them towards the actual course content within Sociology, so for this I apologise. There is so much that I can talk about involving university that I have neglected to talk about other important topics. So for this blog I will just explain how I found my modules for term 1 and a little flavour of what each are like.

In the second week of university, all your lectures and seminars for your modules will begin. For those of you who don’t know the difference: Lectures are taken by module teachers who spend about an hour (if not more) talking about certain topics each week, Seminars involve small groups of students and a seminar leader who talk about the previous lecture in the week, allowing you to ask any questions or clarify anything you didn’t understand. It is important that you attend both because you will gain a better understanding of sociology and the course content. Before week 2 starts, there will be talks on the optional modules as well as core modules so that you can decide which ones take your fancy.

The core modules for term 1 are:

Sociological Perspectives– where you will look at classical and post-classical sociology through widely read and discussed texts that you might already be familiar with from studying sociology at college. We looked at the work of sociologists such as, Max Weber, Karl Marx and Durkheim. I would say that this module is slightly harder than other modules because there is so much course materials that are avaliable with a wide range of opinions however for me I recognised more sociologists in this module than any other, from my previous study, which definitely helped me understand the topics we were discussing each week.

Researching Society and Culture– this module focuses on the social research side of sociology. As most of you know, the conclusions of sociologists are the result of in-depth research, which requires an understanding of how sociology can be explored. In this module, we discussed the ideas of postivistism and interpretivistism, which both take different approaches to social research. You discuss the idea of whether sociology should be a science or not and whether social research should be conducted scientifically or qualitatively. A very interesting module, which enabled me to understands the methods behind research.

The optional modules I took for term 1 were:

Race and the Making of the Modern World– wow what a module! This was by far my favourite out of all. You get into really interesting topics such as slavery, colonisation, race, the enlightenment and much more. Very much a history type of module but to understand contemporary society you have to understand the journey it has taken to get to where we are today. The readings on this are particularly enticing, if you have a passion for understanding British, African and American history I definitely recommend this module!

Life of the Media: Past, Present and Future– another very packed module. The information that you received from the lectures and seminars can lead to some very interesting debates between students. In this you will cover the journey of media over the years, how media has shaped the way we live today, fathers of media theory e.g. McLuhan who talk about the effects of media on society. How media changes the way we behave and live our lives and so much more. Definitely makes you question the decisions you make in day to day life and how media influences this.

These were all the modules that I took for term 1 and I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them. They were all taught very differently and included very different topics so you will never be bored. For those of you who are thinking of applying to Warwick Sociology I definitely recommend the two optional modules however if you don’t feel that those will suit your interests you have to option to choose a module from another course if there is another subject that you are equally interested in. Term 1 is definitely a jam packed few months so prepare yourself but it is also extremely fascinating to be learning so much! I have just started term 2 and I have now got a different timetable so I will be creating a blog in March (the end of the term) describing my experiences of the new modules I am currently studying, so look out for that!

Any questions just email me at:, and I will be happy to answer any queries about the course 🙂

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