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Module Choices

In the first year of the BSc Management course you get a taster of a whole variety of different modules, from finance and accounting to marketing and governance – you get a fairly broad base for understanding Management as a field of study as well as the numerous practical implications.

For second and third year, however, you’re able to spread your wings a little and select the majority of your modules from a giant list of optional modules. During your first year, I’d advise you to pay close attention to which modules you really enjoy and which modules you’re really good at. You’ll then be in the best position possible at the end of first year to choose the modules which are best suited to you going forward into your second and final year. You might find, as I did, that accounting isn’t really for you (I was never particularly good at maths…) so you can then select modules which you are better at/enjoy more, for me this was law, marketing and entrepreneurship or you could be the complete opposite, as many of my friends are.

Either way, whatever you like and whatever you’re good at I’m sure there’ll be plenty of modules which will suit you! Indeed, when I was choosing my modules I was struggling to cut enough modules to fit into my slots rather than the other way around.

If you’re considering any of the following modules then don’t be afraid of contacting me to ask about how I found them:

2nd year modules:

IB1130 Business Law 1

IB2550 Entrepreneurship and New Businesses

IB2350 Finance 1: Financial Markets

IB2490 Global Environment of Business (compulsory)

IB2500 Global Integrative Project (compulsory)

IB2480 Governance, Politics and Corporate Accountability (compulsory)

IB2090 (double module) Marketing

IB3820 Project Management

IB3840 Supply Chain Management

3rd year modules:

IB3F20 Company Law

IB3370 Business Taxation

EC2290 Economics of Strategy (compulsory)

IB2370 Business Law 2

IB3D80 Corporate Strategy Part A

IB3G40 Law for Entrepreneurs

IB3810 (double module) Critical Issues in Management (compulsory)

IB2650 Service Marketing

IB3F70 Understanding the Entrepreneur

For me, my favourite modules were the ones which I was able to directly and instantly apply to my own projects. So the law, entrepreneurship and marketing modules were probably my favourites, as I was able to learn about them at university then either directly apply them or observe them in the real world.

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