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Module choices- thinking about year 3- PPL

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In your first year, most modules are compulsory but you may get some choice (see my blog from last year about choosing modules in year 2- ). The second-year we got to choose from some core modules before in the third year having much more free choice. Thanks to the SSLC (they are similar to a student council) ‘PPLists’ must do 90 CATS of PPL modules but you may spend these cats in just 2 of the departments and then you have a ‘free’ 30 CATS to spend anywhere across the university. Hopefully, this blog will give you some tips in helping to choose your modules and tell you what modules I hope to be taking next year.

When deciding what modules think about what you have and have not enjoyed. Through the degree, I have learnt I love learning about the law and find the politics modules really engaging. I have struggled with philosophy as it is much harder to apply to the ‘real’ world and my grades though good reflect this. Hence I want to reduce the number of cats I spend here. Thus I will be spending all of my 90 cats in the Law and Politics departments. I am hoping to do:

Politics of the US (30 CATS)

Medicine and the Law (15 CATS)

Introduction to Criminology (15 CATS)

Public Legal Education (30 CATS)

I have chosen these modules because I like how they are putting theories I have learnt in year 1 and 2 into real-world application.

Things to think about when choosing a module:

1. Am I interested in the content?

2. How many cats is it?

3. What term does it fall in?- I found that I was interested in mainly term 2 modules but knew I needed to have a fairly even spread throughout the year to help with managing the workload.

4. What is the assessment like?  I know I prefer coursework (essays) over exams so have chosen modules that assess in this way. I have also chosen to do an IATL module(see my next blog) which has student devised assessment really opening up the best way you work to get the best performance out of you.

5. When is the deadline to sign up and have I filled in the correct forms?

Deadlines and processes vary for Law the form is online and the deadline is the 1st of May. For Politics, it is a first come first serve policy and opens in September.


For my remaining 30 CATS I am choosing two ITAL modules. Please watch out for my next blog about choosing an IATL module.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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