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Module Allocations for the soon-to-be Second Years

Hi everyone!

With first year now having been and gone, my thoughts are drifting towards Venice in the first term of next year and my module allocations. All students in Second Year will study the Core modules of Venice: Rise and Myth as well as Exhibiting the Contemporary. Students then had the option to select preferences for their long Spring modules which are Practical Art, The Renaissance, Modernism and a range of outside options including Italian, Philosophy and Film and TV. I will be doing the Renaissance module as it is my favourite era to study so I am very pleased to have gotten my first choice! The other spring modules consist of two of the following options: Dutch Painting, Italian Baroque, The Age of Revolution, The Aesthetic Movement and A Fine Tomorrow. I will be studying Dutch Painting and the Italian Baroque as I am not particularly interested in Modern and Contemporary art and I think I will enjoy studying the Baroque and Dutch painting much more than any of the other choices as they are closer to where my interests and strengths lie. These options are correct as of this year only and are subject to change for later years so it may be different for any prospective students that are looking at the moment!

I can’t wait to study in Venice and hopefully this post will give some insight into some of the areas of study and this amazing opportunity that Warwick students have to visit Venice and learn the art, culture and language of an amazing region.

Thanks for reading!


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