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Mistletoe and essays?

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After a heap of deadlines, an exam in week 10 and the final Smack of term, term 1 finished on a high with all my old deadlines out of the way and the excitement of a new year ahead. But unfortunately, Christmas during your time at university isn’t quite the same as at school or college.

The first week of the holiday and I already had been given an essay deadline. This meant working on my essay every day when all I wanted to be doing was eating mince pies and visiting my family after 3 months apart. But unfortunately essays need to be done and your degree doesn’t just stop when the Christmas holidays begin! My advice is to plan which days you’re realistically going to do your uni work on and try to arrange all your other things around that. All of your friends will be in the same position so it’s always easy to work out a day where you can all take a break from your deadlines.

Usually I find it a lot easier to work at home where I’m comfortable (and where I don’t have to worry about planning and cooking my own meals) but this year I found I was getting distracted by everything: parents lingering around my room, texts from friends asking to plan a meet-up, and even the dog wanting to sit on my lap while I tried to type an essay! The best thing to do to overcome this is to make sure your bedroom or study door is fully shut to ward off intruders, or even make the effort to visit the local library – for me mylocal library is often very empty and so it is an extremely effective working environment.

However, amongst all the deadlines and stress of work make sure you make time for yourself! Don’t forget that the Christmas holidays are also a time to recharge and relax and spend some time with your family. I made sure that I didn’t plan any work for the three Christmas days and New Year in order to properly spend quality time with all of my family without the distraction of work.

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and are ready for a fresh start!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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