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Milan, Internship reflections and Final Year thoughts

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

I can honestly say that September was a full month that I will not get over too soon. From going to Italy for the first time to continue developing myself as a full-time employee with responsibilities, targets, and goals, it was a month of both business and pleasure that I tried combining. Needless to say, it was a great month.

Milan is a city full of wonders and picturesque locations in Northern Italy, known as the global capital of fashion and design. It was only a short 4-days trip, hence we only managed to visit a couple landmarks: the Duomo, La Rinascente, Castello Sforzesco, Arco Della Pace, Parco Sempione, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle and so on. If you do wish to visit any city and you are on a budget, or simply do not wish to splurge on hotels and expensive flights, I do advise you to do as I did: download Airbnb, which is an app and online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms. Moreover, I did a little research and found the best apartment in terms of location, cost, facilities as well as reviews from other visitors that have stayed in that particular apartment. Since my trip is over now, I can finally say that I am glad it all went as planned, from super cheap flights(around €30 round-trip/person) to great accommodation(€120/ person for 3 nights) and unforgettable memories: eating at Maio, Marchesi, Galleria, La Rinascente’s 7th floor, admiring the enchanting marble architecture, medieval streets, taking the traditional looking subway and the tram. All in all, it was a dream holiday. (I will insert here a couple of pictures from my trip)

As far as my internship went, I am extremely pleased to say that the 3 months that just flew by have been a period of great personal development, where I learned a lot about staying true to myself, being as direct, authentic and honest, speaking my thoughts out-loud and presenting my arguments with logic and solutions. I also learned that being vulnerable and a good listener can become my biggest strengths when used effectively.

I learned that it is great to socialize and grow your professional network, not only on LinkedIn but during your usual workday as well. You can learn something from anyone new that you come in contact with and that is something that can help you grow after every interaction. It was a great first chapter of my adult life and I can not wait to continue this incredible career journey.

Also, I am extremely excited to come back to Uni this Saturday to catch up with my friends and housemates, lecturers, my personal tutor and so on. Senior year makes me emotional because every ending of a beautiful tumultuous chapter in my life brings back so many memories and feelings that throughout the years made me the person I am today. For that(uni chapter) I am grateful and I feel blessed to have an amazing and supportive family, friends that I made not so long ago and old friends that have never left me, caring lecturers and the best personal tutor. You know what they say: every ending is just another beginning, hence I will start my final year at uni with positivity, strength, motivation and a desire to be the best student, the most hard-working student I can possibly become. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Adios, friends, until next blog!

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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