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Midterm Reflections


Last term I wrote a post reflecting on my ‘reading week’, feels like it was written just yesterday, yet here I am now in term 2, with the second reading week of the academic year commencing tomorrow! Thought it is the perfect time to reflect on my time so far at Warwick.

Yesterday I went to the ‘Vinteas’ in Leamington Spa which was lovely!


Definitely recommend visiting, great atmosphere and fab food! I am not a big fan of tea, yet couldn’t resist trying one – their choices of tea covers two A4 sides of the menu!

A few days ago some of my flatmates and I went to ‘The Farmhouse”, a British and Indian restaurant situated in Coventry (though I decided to go for Italian, oops…)


My flatmates decided to go for the lasagne which they also loved, so again, would strongly recommend trying it out. It was quite a trek finding the restaurant, though worth it!

On another note, I can now officially solve the Rubiks Cube…


*Shout out to my flatmates; Alex and Jeff for helping me* *Another shout out to my coursemate, Julia for introducing me to her flatmate, Josh who also helped me*

(I would be lying if I said I am not happy about this, the years of removing stickers from the cube are over *hooray*)

Reflecting on my time so far should probably include the good and the bad…



Note to self: Small chillies may look innocent but are the worst, do not participate in a chilli eating competition again.

On the bright side, it was a good excuse to eat ice cream for every meal…

So reading week: I intended on completing 3 of my essays due later this month, will keep you updated on how that goes!

Next Tuesday I will be visiting Parliament for an event ‘Towards a Written British Constitution”, which I was invited to as a Model Westminster Ambassador. Really looking forward to this, I attended a similar deliberative event on the constitution at Royal Holloway University two years ago, so will be interesting to hear whether young people’s opinions have changed etc.

The ‘Politics Ball’ will be taking place later this month which I am looking forward to as well. Next week also marks the beginning of ‘Varsity’ – a massive event where Warwick and Coventry University compete in various sporting competitions. I hope to watch a few of the matches and support #TeamWarwick!

That’s it for me for today, should probably get on with the reading which is waiting for me…

Shanita 🙂 xo

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