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Mentally preparing for the final year

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The “when has it all gone?” is true. It feels like yesterday that I was looking online for universities in England and here I am today, looking for dissertation ideas, Masters Programmes, shaping and reshaping my Linkedin profile, my CV and so the list goes on. Am I nervous for about the year to come? Yes. Do I have a clear picture about what I want to do after? No. Does this make me even more nervous? Yes. However, no one has ever said that final year is a piece of cake, but equally so, lots of students accomplish it with brio.

This article is thus for the finalists out there who get chills in the back of their spine when thinking about their last undergraduate year.

One of the things I had in the back of my mind was the fact that most of the people I was friends with at my course and outside of it decided to go on a year abroad, hence I’ll no longer have the group of girls I used to sit next to in class, get lunch with and just help each other out whenever possible, especially in term 3. This thought kept me from really looking forward to the year to come.

BUT…while I was caught in this rather daunting thought, I didn’t take into account the fact that there are also the students who come back from their year abroad, out of which some I know and get along with already and some that I’ll have the whole year to meet. Indeed, me and my good friend from Trinidad had a hard time saying “Goodbye”, knowing that it may take years before we meet again, but what’s the point of having international friends if you don’t plan to visit them at least once?

One problem mentally sorted, moving on to the other: because second year was full of surprises, I ended up looking for accommodation in term 3, when all my friends had already had their sorted, so, for my final year, I’ll be leaving in a flat with three other guys, out of which only one I know…barely and through barely I mean saying “Hi” when passing by each other around campus. It may not seem like an ideal situation.

BUT…this summer, when I was thinking about my “non-ideal situation”, I get a message form one of the guys I’ll be leaving with, asking me if I want to join him and his sister to an amusement park in London. Because I was not in the UK, I had to take the offer down, but since then, we’ve been keeping in touch throughout summer. What to take out of this bit? The whole accommodation struggle ended up not as bad as I thought and my first impression about some of my future house mates makes me eager for next year.

When the “people” part was mentally sorted, I remembered that I had the compulsory 30 cats Dissertation module that I needed to think about. Ah, only the word itself made me feel at unease and a few days before my flight back for the summer, I went to my personal tutor, desperately telling her that I haven’t decided on a theme.

BUT…after I calm down, she calmly tells me: “You know we can arrange a Skype meeting anytime during the holiday, don’t you?” Well, that was easier than I thought and now we are actually trying to find a suitable date for an online meeting. I have a piece of paper with some brainstormed ideas and some confidence that everything will be just fine.


As in most of my blogs, the moral of the story: don’t get anxious just yet. If I were to only look at the empty half of the glass, I may have ended up not realizing that there are enough reasons to look forward for the year to come. 

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

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