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Mental Health during Lockdown

Today I’m coming with a slightly different tone to my usual blogs but nevertheless I feel like this is an important topic to bring to this platform. During this time I think that it is not only important to look after your physical health but not to neglect your mental health either. 

I, like many of you, was enjoying the sunshine of the couple of weeks and everyday I woke up and said to myself ‘ you might be in lockdown but at least the sun’s out’… Now the sun has gone. I immediately noticed a complete 180 in my mood and a major plummet in my energy levels and the optimism almost instantly drained right out of me. This led me down a rabbit hole of just dark thoughts and pessimism tied with an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia. When I felt myself slipping into complete numbness I decided to pick up the phone and call up my friends who are genuinely my main support system. We didn’t even talk about how I was spiralling but just hearing their voices and seeing their faces made everything feel less dramatic. It was a reminder that in the sea of uncertainty there’s always some safety and elements of normality. 

The point I wanted to make from that little anecdote is that your mental state is a very important thing to be wary of. I could’ve easily stayed locked up and isolated even further from everyone and everything which creates its own scary vicious cycle, you have to do something about it. I need everyone reading this right now to understand that there might be times you feel like you genuinely can’t be bothered or you’re finally at your wits end of being in the house that there is support available in more ways than you may know. I personally often choose to self-therapize through music, art and writing which helps me release a lot of pent up feelings. It’s almost like the constraint on my brain is being released and I can finally think clearly which helps reset me back to 0. Whether you have something that you can do; from exercising, singing, sleeping, crying, whatever it is, I need you to understand and remember that you don’t have to wait until breaking point to self-therapize.

If that is not something you seem to find to help, we are in the golden age of the internet. Everything is at out fingertips, Youtube has helped me out a lot, and one app I have to recommend is Headspace if you don’t already use it.  Essentially it is a meditation app and helps you keep track of your emotions and mental health throughout the week. With this being said, sometimes nothing beats true human contact and advice which is where your support system comes into play. Do not isolate yourself from your family and friends or those who care about you. It is important to keep each other floating and maintain sanity and security in those relationships because they will help you when you are feeling down.

Lastly I would like to say that please do not feel afraid to reach out to helplines if you are feeling fragile. Those who are from the UK I would recommend you use the NHS website to find the right place for you. 

Ultimately my message for today is please do not neglect your mind. Your emotional and mental health is just as important as washing your hands. 

I hope you and your families are all well and are all staying safe. 

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