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May Highlights: Final exams, Brighton trip, end-of-year Fiesta

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

May was a hectic month indeed. From taking my final exams, hosting an end-of-year party at my place, to taking a quick Brighton city break, I had a lovely and amazing final month at Uni. I also had to plan my move to London, which was quite an exhausting activity that I had to add alongside revision and lib sessions.

Exams, Group Report, Group Presentation

This year I had four exams, out of which three were from my department (Applied Linguistics): Quantitative Research Methods, Communication Modes, Professional Communication, and one from the business school: Marketing. On top of that, I also had a Public Relations group report and a Public Relations group presentation upon the report. The exams went extremely well as I was here the entire spring break and started quite early after my mom visited me (end of March). I have to admit that I am quite pleased with this year’s revision period and how I managed my studying time. If I could give prospective students any advice is this one: start as early as you can, as cramming is not an option, especially if you have many exams. Take one topic at a time and try to create a good schedule that works best for you and your mental health as well.

End-of-year Fiesta

Adele, Jimmy, Bara (my housemates) and I have organised a finalist party at ours. All of us study the same degree, hence it made total sense to host this at our place in Earlsdon. We have invited all of the finalists from our course, as well as a couple 2nd-year students. The theme was Spanish Fiesta. We prepared homemade sangria, confetti, balloons and a Spotify playlist with Latino songs (extra points for Shakira and Maluma fans 💃). We have received positive feedback following the event from our guests and I still can not accept the fact that it was our last party at Uni (I still have mixed feelings about it).


I have to say I have ended university in the best way possible: a trip to Brighton with my best friend. At one point during our revision period, we took a study break and decided to search for Airbnb places across the UK. Adele then came across a dreamy looking studio overlooking the English Channel in none other than the infamous city of Brighton. As both Adele and I have a passion for photography and aesthetics, the description and the pictures were extremely intriguing:

The description was 100% accurate and we adored the place. I’ll leave with you my Brighton travel vlog to make it easier as words are not enough to describe this surreal place:


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and you’ll hear from me very soon with my last two blog posts in July!

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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