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May: A month of exams, reunions, and castles

We made it! For most Warwick students, the end of May brings the final period of exams, deadlines and the university year, which is a delight. With only two exams left (on Wednesday and Thursday this week!) I have the final stretch right in front of me, and I personally cannot wait to feel the relief of finishing my degree, and the prospect of a summer with nothing to do ahead of me. And given the rain has finally decided to calm down and stop, I’ve started to enjoy some of the summer weather, in preparation for my time off. I mean, you’ve got to take revision breaks don’t you…

I won’t lie, what with all my exams being online, and the fact that languages are a bit of a marathon style subject (so not something you can revise the night before with no sleep) I have been enjoying more of a relaxed approach to this year’s exam period compared to usual. After all, having been treated to a pretty awful final year, it’s what we all deserve, isn’t it? So, in between revising essay structures and reading in whatever language I need to revise that day, I have been taking advantage of the weather and just spending as much time as possible in the wonderful surrounding areas of campus, such as when I walked to Kenilworth on a lovely day, and saw all the flowers. This is one of those excursions I feel like all Warwick students should make at least once. You just simply follow the road past the Cryfield Pavilion through various fields and an hour-and-a-bit later, you’re in the lovely old town of Kenilworth. You can even treat yourself to a pub lunch afterwards and get the bus back!

I also decided to finally visit Kenilworth castle, something I thought needed to be done before I graduated. Situated around an hours walk away from campus, the castle is now a ruin, given its owners supported the wrong side in the civil war and it was destroyed. However, the history there is really interesting, and with a student ticket you get a free tour up the tower, so I definitely recommend a visit! What’s more, despite there still being some restrictions for everyone’s safety, the fact that its a ruin means you’re quite free to wonder around at your own pace. It’s a whole lot cheaper than that other famous castle around here, even if that castle still has windows…

From Simon de Montfort, to Elizabeth I, many famous faces have wondered the halls of this castle, so it made for a pretty lovely break from revision. However, it also made me all reflective, as given it took me four years to visit it, I started thinking about all the other things I want to do before I leave campus for the last time. Maybe I need to invent a Warwick student bucket list, with all the various bits of nightlife, history and experiences everyone should do before they graduate?

And do you know what would be top of my list… Eurovision!

If you’re new to Warwick, get ready for the treat of your life when campus can throw it’s traditional Eurovision viewing party again, restriction free. Normally, they project the event on the big screen in the piazza, and countless Warwick students descend on the square, drinks in one hand and flags in the other. It’s definitely my favourite night of the year, so I was a bit gutted that it wouldn’t have been safe to do it this year. However, my lovely flatmates made up for it by joining me a Eurovision party, filled with glitter and food!

This definitely added some fun into what has been a bit of a strange month. I think the fact that it rained for a good 25 days of May made it hard to enjoy the new freedoms and time off revision, however, we made do. I even got a visit from my dog, who came for a little sleepover, mainly to revive my spirits!

So that concludes May! I hope now that the weather has improved and exams are slowly coming to an end, everyone can slowly start embracing the summer and having some well earned time off.

Catherine X

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