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Managing Your Stress

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It’s finally reading week, and a time to take a break! Second year has been quite stressful for me – stuff are more difficult, much more readings to do, and a long list of assignments on Tabula…. But this is normal, everyone has stress, and sometimes stress is even necessary to keep us motivated. All we need is to know how to manage it properly, and here are some tips!

1. Always Talk to Someone

When you feel depressed or worrying a lot about something, don’t just always hide your feelings. It’s okay to be not okay! Reach out to your friends, seniors, family – just anyone you feel comfortable with, and they might offer some good advice for you. Sometimes, even just the feeling of having someone to listen and understand you would give you a big lift in mood! One source of help we always forget is our lecturers. If you find yourself struggling to catch up with the module work, go to your lecturers because they know best what you to do or how you should do it. Don’t hesitate to bug them, they get paid for their job!

2. Don’t Compare Yourselves with Others

Often, stress comes from our comparison with others. When we see our mates doing better in academics, being more sociable, or having more fun than ourselves, we feel inferior. But try not to compare yourselves with others, and think of your life as your own journey – the only and unique one! For example, I used to get stressed seeing my coursemate finishing all his readings when I haven’t done any at all. But there are actually also times where I’m studying and he’s not. It’s fine if you haven’t been working as much, maybe you need the break and there’s no point of forcing yourself. Just cheer up and remember your life is about yourself, not others!

3. Be Open-minded

We get sad when things fall apart; it’s fine to get negative feelings, but we should also learn to let things go. Things don’t always go in our way in life. Instead of dwelling on the past, why not be more positive and focus on the present! In fact, some people could be so insisted in the path they planned to take that they actually missed out a lot of opportunities around them. If something didn’t go as expected, maybe try different ways! Stay open-minded and grab all the opportunities surrounding you!

Don’t be afraid to deal with stress because it’s just what we all do! Good luck everyone! And feel free to share some other stress management ideas if you got any!

Cho Sze Wong | English Language and Linguistics Contact Cho Sze

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