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Managing Stress

Ok so we’re now well in to the busiest term of the academic year. The number of deadlines I have this term is triple that of last term, plus I’m attending three dance competitions and am in charge of organising the University’s largest annual dance showcase. I’m finding this quite stressful at the moment, so here is a bit of advice for anyone in a similarly chaotic situation.

I was telling my friends yesterday that I was finding it hard to balance being a teacher and exec for dance with my academic work. They then brought to my attention that I hadn’t considered my social life in this thought process. A similarly busy friend told me that her Mum asked her the other day ‘when do you have time to have fun anymore?’. Sometimes you can be so busy that you just forget about this. That’s not to say that having a goof time is as easy as it sounds. Feelings of guilt commonly emerge when you think that you’re not being as productive with your time as you could be. Try not to feel too bad because it is very important to let off some steam sometimes and take a break, as this will also improve your productivity and focus when you do work.

Vitamins make me feel better. Or at least I trick myself into thinking they do. My advice is to buy frozen fruit to make some delicious iced smoothies which is very refreshing and also replenishes your vitamin levels. Vitamin C is particularly important to combat tiredness if you’re overworking so let oranges and strawberries become your new best friend. Eating three meals a day at regular intervals also helps to stabilise your energy levels). Plus, people always underestimate the positive effects that water can have upon your body.

Have a sense of perspective. In the context of the whole world, stressing over an essay is not a big issue. When thinking about your life, one poor grade does not define you. By putting your situation into a wider context, you may realise that it is not worth stressing over too much. That’s not to say that you should disregard problems and stresses that arise, but that you should tackle it in a calm and logical manner rather than letting them overwhelm you.

Whatever else you do, don’t keep your problems or stresses internalized. Even if it feels difficult at the time and you may get emotional, you will most likely feel better after having shared your feelings with somebody else. Find a close friend to talk to and they may also provide you with solutions to dealing with your stress.

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