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Managing Space and Time in a Pandemic (Part 1)

Raise your hand if you spend much less time on campus.

Raise your other hand if you spend much more time in your room.

Raise your foot if you’ve watched a lecture in bed.

Now do jazz hands!

I’ve been thinking (*gasp* who knew I could do that?) about just how much this pandemic has changed our behaviour.

Especially now, it’s important to manage our time and space wisely. Time is the more obvious one, but now that we’re working and studying at home, managing space is also a challenge.

After all, since when did our rooms become lecture theatres? (Since now.)

Let’s start with space because I want to, and this is my blog post. But if you just want to be contrary (you absolute rebel) you can start by reading the Part 2 of this post on managing time.

Managing Space

If I were to drop breadcrumbs wherever I go to keep track of where I’ve been, there would be two places in world where the birds would be fed particularly well:

  • Warwick’s campus
  • My house

While most of us are spending much less time on campus this year, and probably much more time in our rooms, these are still the two most important spaces in a student’s life. (Well, not my house, but some accommodation).

To illustrate, this was where I used to spend most of my time during the day, every day, in previous years:

And this is where I spend most of my time now:

Based on the highly accurate diagrams I’ve presented to you thus far, one can come to some conclusions:

  • My wandering space is smaller
  • I could do with some more entertainment in my life (and waffles)
  • My chill space is dangerously overlapping with my study space
  • Nowadays, I spend a LOT of time in my room.

If you relate to this, then I imagine that you might’ve been having the same issues that I’m about to lay out:

Not working in bed.

On some days, I wake up like 10 minutes before my synchronous online lecture, and I just feel like this:

It’s oh so very tempting to just stay in bed and watch my lectures. After all, who’s gonna see me wrapped up like a burrito?

Terrible idea.

I’ve made it a point to never work in bed (or on my bed), as I know that once I start it’ll be a slippery slope that ends in me sleeping through lectures.

Plus, is it not nice to separate your relax and chill space from your work space? Studies have shown that this is a good idea.

Keeping yer room clean.

Not to sound like a mum or anything, but especially now that we spend so much time in our rooms, it’s really important to keep them clean!

Am I good at this? No. But I’ve been trying to get better at it.

In first year, I was awful! Especially as I approached deadlines, it got worse, as shown in EXHBIT A.

EXHIBIT A, titled “D I S G R A C E F U L”

Now, I have a smaller desk, and I spend much more time at it.

Something I’ve started doing is setting aside time on Sundays dedicated to cleaning up – and when I say, ‘set aside time’, I mean literally putting in my calendar. Just an hour a week to prevent the disastrous situation I’ve shown above. It’s nice to listen to music while tidying up!

Why do this?

  1. Hygiene
  2. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind
  3. Video chats*

*this has probably been the strongest motivator for me. I would be horrified if my project supervisor saw a pile of clothes behind me 😱

Now that I’ve shared too much about myself, including the floor plan of my house and how messy my room was in first-year, let’s move on to Part 2 so I can recover from the embarrassment.

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