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Making your uni room your home

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A lot of rooms in student accommodation look the same with the bare white walls and the ugly carpets! Hopefully, this blog will provide you with some tips on how to make your room feel like home:

Tip 1- get some posters- posters are available in different sizes meaning that you can either fill the walls or just have a few to decorate the place. My flatmate last year LOVES the TV show Friends; her whole bedroom became Friends themed hence her room was covered in Friends posters. The SU is hosting a poster sale on the Piazza on the 7th-10th of October. The posters are available at student prices. In my room, I have a poster of London and of a family of elephants which are my favourite animal. I also have a scratch-off world map due to my love of travelling. Fairy lights also add a nice touch.

Tip 2- get some nice homely bedlinen- it can really transform a room- try to choose a white one with a pattern as this will make your room feel much lighter- make sure to check out Student Beans or UniDays as they have some really good discounts at the moment of places that sell bedlinen- try and buy two sets of bedding as it will make washing them a lot easier and efficient.

Tip3- put photos of your friends and family up. This is what makes your room unique to you. I found it also helped with homesickness. At the end of term one make sure to print off some new photos of your favourite moments of term as they will remind you of the good times when you have a down day.

Tip 4- get some plants- add some life to your room- this Friday there will be a massive house plant sale on the Piazza so make sure to grab one and try to keep it alive!

Tip 5- I never thought of this when living in my accommodation but move the furniture if you can. I wish now that I had moved my desk to face the window. It will mean not all the rooms on the corridor will look the same.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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