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Making use of the careers and skills service

So happy to share that I am the chemistry department’s careers and skills representative! Back in June, I wrote a blog post – Some gems I found on the Warwick website – sharing my research into some of the services/ opportunities offered at Warwick to students. I mentioned in the blog how Warwick has more to offer than can possibly be publicised. It feels absolutely fantastic sitting here in my room doing that very job of increasing awareness of these opportunities available to students!

Warwick students – I am writing this blog to encourage you all to better engage with the careers and skills team at Warwick! Whatever stage you are at in your career: be it, you have no idea what to do, you know what you want but not how to get there, or you know both. Speaking to the careers team would really help you to learn more about what’s on offer at Warwick. Considering how quickly first year went for me and all I ended with was Bhangra and student blogging on my CV, I have learnt my lesson. I would highly encourage you to not do this – don’t hold yourself back and get involved!

I had an induction event for my new role and learnt that the careers staff don’t just want to help students who know what they want but they’d also like to see those who have no clue about what they want to do. Booking a quick interview with a member of the careers team might just get you to begin thinking about where your interests lie or what your strengths are.

You don’t have to have your life planned out. I am a careers rep and I have nothing else planned than my dinner. But, these services can help you develop your skills and assist you to start thinking about your career plans in a more structured and informed way. I myself made use of the careers team quite a lot over summer only via email and it was still so helpful! I got to sort out my CV, understood more about LinkedIn, got them to check my LinkedIn profile (I’m not very good at using it) and managed to write my LinkedIn ‘summary’.

Do read my old blog linked above! I only just updated it and added a few more things. It might seem overwhelming at first but that is the very reason why I’m posting this blog now. You have the WHOLE YEAR to do the activities mentioned (provided you’re eligible and of course, that they interest you!).

Follow the careers and skills team on social media to stay up to date! CHEMISTS: join the chemistry careers facebook group (if you like) where all the information is posted. Even if you don’t want to, the group is public so you should still be able to see the content! There are Facebook groups/ pages for other Warwick departments too so search them up and join!

Any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

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