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Making the most out of your Welcome Week

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Hi everyone and welcome to Week 0 of university! 

If you happen to be in Warwick Uni this week, you’ll see up to thousands of students across campus roaming around as it is Welcome Week, a week for students to settle in, make friends and try to adapt to university life. We normally call Welcome Week as Week 0, as term hasn’t officially started yet. This year, it is the second Welcome Week organised by the Welcome Team of Warwick University. It is halfway through Welcome Week, so as a Welcome Helper and a former fresher myself, I have a few tips on how you can maximise your time during Welcome Week.

a) Go on the campus tour

This campus is MASSIVE. I may have been here for three years, but there are still some places which I’ve yet to discover here in Warwick University. Hence, I believe that the best way to know your way around campus is to join a campus tour! Campus tours will be held throughout the week until Sunday the 29th of September. The tour guide will take you to important landmarks around campus such as the Piazza, Oculus, Library and the Warwick Arts Centre. This is also the best time for you to ask questions about student life as the tour guide is also a Warwick student. We appreciate the questions from freshers and newcomers so feel free to ask away!

b) Attend the Sports and Societies Fair

For me, the best way to meet people is definitely by attending societies and sports clubs. Sports fair is on Tuesday 23rd and Societies Fair is on Wednesday the 24th. During the fair, look out for the taster sessions. Taster sessions are basically meetings that you could attend for free. After a couple of weeks, you have to become a member of the society and sports in order to join them. Some societies and sports are paid so taster sessions are the best way to experiment which clubs are the most suitable for you. For me, joining societies like the Hip Hop dance EQHO have kept me sane during my second year. I have also met welcoming people along the way. Needless to say, I have found my tribe. Therefore, go to the Sports and Societies Fair to see the different kinds of societies available for you to join. Now is also the perfect time for you to have Facebook, (albeit unnecessary if you are not a social media person) as most updates are on FB. 

c) Participate in the activities held throughout Welcome Week

There are up to 1200 events happening during the Welcome Week. Since academic term hasn’t started yet, now is the right time for you to join these sessions. The Welcome team and the Student Union have events which are catered to everyone. If you head over to this website, you will see the events happening across the uni. There is also a way for you to customise your own timetable if you click on “add events to your timetable”. You will then be able to filter the events and create a timetable just for you.

d) Sort out your life, literally.

If you are an international student, you will need to do all these:

– Get your BRP card and complete your visa eligibility checks

– Set up a bank account (you’ll need a debit card as most places in the UK are going cashless)

– Request a Student Status letter (you will need this to set up a bank account)

You will also need to get utensils and furniture to set up your room. Here are some places you can go to get university essentials:

– Cannon Park Shopping Centre

Located just outside Warwick University, it is a 15 minute walk from central campus. The shopping centre has Tesco, Wilko, Boots, Subway and also a laundry service. If they happen to run out of the things you are looking for you might want to go to Coventry City Centre

– Coventry City Centre

Accessible from central campus via the 11 or 12x National Express bus. The city centre has stores such as Poundland, Primark, a bigger Wilko and even an IKEA. 

– Leamington Spa

Accessible from central campus via the U1 Stagecoach bus. Leamington is a nice town with some stores in which you can go get your essentials as well.

e) More importantly, have fun!

Go socialise as much as you can this Welcome Week, and if the social scene is not for you, there are plenty of societies which provide sober socials as well. Whatever it is, there are so many opportunity for you to be involved in the university. I hope that you’ve settled in well in university and have a joyous year ahead!

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