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Making The Most Out Of Your Easter Break

Term times at Warwick can be a little odd. You’ll find that friends from other Universities tend to break-up for Summer a lot earlier than you or, alternatively, have a longer rest over the Christmas holidays. At Warwick however, Easters the big one.

With five whole weeks off, the Easter break can be somewhat daunting. Should you start revising for your exams immediately? Can you whip out your shorts and sunglasses yet? Will your productivity come screeching to a halt as the opportunity to lay in bed lecture-free, arises?

This post aims to put some of those anxieties to rest and inform you as to why I believe the Easter-break is both the most important (and necessary) holiday you’ll get during your time at Warwick. Additionally, this is how I personally think it can be best utilised to keep your momentum flowing into exam season.

Firstly, second term sucks. Well, to an extent anyway. Following on from the rush and excitement of Fresher’s – or for mids/finalists the return to Uni life – students come into second-term expecting more of the same. Well my friends, prepare to be disappointed. In second-term deadlines start to mount, exams begin to encroach and to many, campus can feel slightly claustrophobic. Believe me, whilst Uni can still be a hoot, I guarantee second-term will test even the most able students. This is why I’m always excited for when Easter rolls around. It’s the most essential holiday you’ll get, giving you a chance to recollect your thoughts and re-energise yourself for exam season. That being said, it’s down to you to make the most out of it

For me, the Easter break is the perfect time to get ahead and get into the right mind-set. Last year, I spent a few weeks working in my local M&S at home. It provided a necessary rest from studying, filled my pockets and got myself into a 9-5 routine – an essential requirement for exam season. I don’t believe working is for everyone, however, for me it provides a distraction from university. Refuelling my brain cells and giving me the right foundation to throw myself into my exams.

This year I’ve taken that one step further and instead acquired myself an internship at a Film Distribution company. I’ll offer a warning with that: this isn’t going to work for everyone. However, for those of you who won’t start their exams til June, an Easter internship shouldn’t be overlooked, you’ll still have ample time to revise! Here’s why: A) It’s less competitive to find one than in the Summer holidays, B) It gets you into a much-needed routine, C) It can greatly expand your knowledge and assist with your studies. Internships are essential to your future employment, especially if you’re looking at more competitive industries like myself. I know it’s not an idea that’ll work for everyone and I recommend gaining some advice first but, if you can handle it, a break from the Warwick bubble and an escape to the working world can be a refreshing and useful utilisation of your time.

However you choose to spend your Easter Break, do try to make the most of it. Few Universities offer the chance to get away and extensively prepare yourself for the pressures of term 3 like Warwick do. Nevertheless, whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to relax! Twenty weeks of circling, Eliminators and ‘academia’ is bound to drain even the most resilient of us!

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