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Making the Most of University

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Everyone more or less has the same overall end goal and outlook when it comes to completing their time at university. This normally revolves around consistent themes of finishing their degree; and the sense of accomplishment when they are awarded the diploma on graduation day, followed by employment at a dream company or successfully launching a start-up. Others may opt for potentially even furthering their studies with a masters or PhD before proceeding into the working world. Education as many say, is the key to success but some people may strike out if they are not proactive with their time at university by making sure to utilise all the resources and exclusive opportunities that Warwick has to offer. Indeed university can be quite competitive, with everyone who is accepted into the university possessing a certain calibre of academic and overall individual excellence. Everyone has worked hard to get here and are well driven all rounded individuals who know the important balance between work and play.

Coming into my second year here at Warwick, I realised how different the process of applying for internships is. Back in Asia it’s mostly a matter of networking, connections- all on a who knows who basis. Some people are able to score positions in large multinational companies which many back here in the UK would fight over- all because of certain connections their families may have. This in a sense is just the type of culture back in Asia but here in the UK I have noticed that everyone is basically on the same level and what determines the application success is the effort and drive the individual has towards getting where they want to be. Make sure you’re constantly updating your CV because you never know when you will have to send it out and especially in this competitive environment where everyone is on edge, the moment an opportunity opens up. In order to keep up to date with certain guest speakers or visiting employers during networking events, check out the Marketing society and follow their updates on Facebook in order to see when certain events will be hosted. Sometimes newsletters from Warwick are sent out via email, so make sure you are also constantly checking your inbox, in order to avoid missed opportunities.

Another added benefit is gained through joining different societies, especially the academic oriented societies for you degree, as well as larger scale organisations. AIESEC for example, is another great organisation within Warwick that enables students to volunteer abroad for six weeks or more, as well as obtain valuable work experience in startups and corporate internships. The mindset behind AIESEC revolves around youth leadership and empowerment targeting a certain group of sustainable development goals. You can check out some of the opportunities by signing up on the AIESEC portal here. Other societies that may also improve leadership and key skills that make you more employable and are good additions to your CV are ASEAN, ENACTUS, Warwick Congress and many more.

University in a sense acts like the buffer period between the more carefree sheltered days of secondary school and the real working world which basically establishes your status as a full blown functioning adult. These three years (or more) are a precious learning experiences and if you are able to direct your priorities and make the most of the unique opportunities by being a hands on and proactive individual, who seeks out ways to make the most of their degree and time here. With this mindset and goal driven attitude, success is just a reach away.

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Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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