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Making the Most of Third Term

Obviously right now the main thing on everyone’s mind is exams or exam results but I think we all need to also remember that we are still in third term and there’s still plenty to do. A lot of societies are on a bit of a temporary pause as everyone gets on with exams but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to get yourself involved and out and about this summer term.

I don’t know how many of you followed or attended the protests that happened during the last two weeks on campus but that is pretty much a prime example of how Campus is still alive and buzzing. The turn-out was amazing and although I had to watch it through snapchat during my contract exam, it was definitely warming to see people coming together to support the people of Palestine. There are a lot of social and political activism still happening all over Warwick for you to get involved in. Protect Women Warwick are always working to better the protection of women on campus, Warwick Anti-Racism society has a lot of amazing conversations on topical matter and the same goes for CLAW and pretty much most societies, just put yourself out there.

The sun is FINALLY out, and it would be an absolute shame if you keep staying inside this term. Revise in the Piazza, go on walks, ride the scooters, go get brunch with the girls, plan a bbq – whatever floats your boat. But GO OUTSIDE. Give yourself time to get some fresh air and just bask in friendship and vitamin D – after the madness of the past year I think its well deserved and very much needed. Warwick is actually a very pretty campus when its not raining, go discover new spots and take some cute polaroids. Leamington is also very nice in the summer time and with so many bars and restaurants the options are endless and bound to be a great day out.

I am always going to be biased but Law Society; we always have something for you guys to get involved with. When I post this tickets should be out for HEAT which essentially is going to be a good old fashioned party at Altoria Nightclub on the 14 June so get your tickets and come let your hair done for a bit. This is going to be the first time we can meet in person all year so if I were you I’d make sure to secure a ticket  (Tickets are £5 for members and £6 for non-members). I can’t quite speak for all other societies but have a look on Instagram and see what is going on because outside is actually reopening, get your fit together and step out!   [EDIT: Ticket release has been delayed but follow our instagram to stay updated]

There are honestly so many ways to enjoy yourself and meet new people this term – it is honestly never too late. Most societies have handed over to their new exec teams so that’s a whole new set of people to try and get to know within the societies you’ve been following all year. Sign up for the new subcommittees, find out how else you can get involved with your societies and take a leap of faith. I promise it will be worth it, and if it’s not you can always get support or just quit, and that is okay too.

Good luck with your future summer term adventures and I hope you really do make the most of it, and if you plan on finishing exams and going straight home – yeah, fair enough I get it.

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