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Making the most of the summer

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So it’s been just over a month since I left university for the summer and moved back home; and it definitely took more getting used to than I imagined!

Living with 7 other people in a flat where you all eat breakfast together and basically just annoy each other all day every day is extremely different to living at home with 3 family members who pretty much all work full-time! At first it was a relief to have lie-ins every day and just do my own thing round the house without all the activity of 7 flatmates. But this was definitely shortlived. After about a week I realised that I had no job, no work experience lined up, and only a few seasons of Gossip Girl left to binge through! I needed to find something useful to fill my time for the rest of the long summer, and I did: the gym.

Having been a fairly lazy girl for my entire life with no desire to follow in my parents’ footsteps by running for miles on end, it’s safe to say that joining a gym was the last idea to cross my mind! But I knew I needed to do something worthwhile through the summer and joining my local gym was definitely a way to spend my time wisely (and lose those extra pounds gained during exam season). Despite being very apprehensive at first and wondering whether I’d even enjoy it let alone go every day, I’ve discovered that I actually do enjoy spending time working out and going to all the classes and would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t really got much planned for the summer. It may sound silly but it really does give me the encouragement to wake up early and start my day in the best way. I decided to go to the gym (nearly) every morning and attend classes in the morning or evening so I could have the bulk of my day free to do what I liked. This really worked well for me because I knew that delaying my gym sessions until the evening would always end up with me curled on the sofa too comfy to even move from whatever TV programme I would be watching! What a great way to spend my time!

Another thing that this summer has been used for so far is seeing all my friends from school (and even some from uni). I have quite a big group of friends from my sixth form so it’s fairly easy to meet up with at least a couple of the girls every week, as well as seeing each other in a big group meet-up now and again. I’ve also been lucky enough to see 2 of my closest friends from uni as they don’t live too far away from me. One friend came to stay with me for a few days and we even took a trip down to London to make the most of our time together. I know this may not be possible for everyone but really do try your best to meet up with some uni friends at least once during the summer because you’ll really start to miss them!

Finally I’ve spent time on myself. Its been an extremely stressful year moving away and starting a whole new life in a new place so I decided to spend this summer having a bit more ‘me time’. The gym obviously has been helping me to stay fit, active, and motivated but I’ve also spent my time doing the things I love but didn’t have time for at uni (such as reading the huge pile of used books I ordered from Amazon!).

I hope your summer is going well and I’ll keep you updated with my new fitness-freak lifestyle!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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