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Making the Most of the Summer (URSS #6)

Summer is now in full swing and I hope you are all having the best time! As regular readers will know, I have been undertaking a research project on campus. It’s been a fab opportunity to gain an insight into the world of research as well as develop my programming skills. This past week I have continued to model the star system which I am investigating and have begun narrowing in on the best model. (You can read more about my project here, here, here, here and here!)

Whether you are preparing to go to university as a fresher or as an older, wiser student, the summer holidays are the perfect time to both get ahead and have a well-earned rest. Everyone works very hard throughout term time so I think we all deserve a chance to and unwind before term starts again! Last weekend I visited Whitby, a seaside town in the North East of England. I ate copious amounts of fish and chips and even went crabbing! It was the perfect break away from my computer.


up on some of your modules will be helpful as well. For Maths/Physics freshers, reviewing your A-Level syllabus over the summer will be useful in the first couple of weeks. The content at university builds up quickly but being in the right mathematical mind-set will make it easier to understand new concepts! If there are any modules you are particularly looking forward to you could do a bit of research in that area, but I would recommend holding off buying any books until you get to university. The relevant texts are often in the library or you can buy them second hand instead.

If you are a returning student, you could use the summer to research future . I always think it’s better to look into things earlier rather than later, so I have started to do some research into PhDs and careers. Doing the groundwork now makes it less daunting later on!

Over the summer many and pages are created on Facebook. Joining ones for your course/department/accommodation can help you meet people before you even arrive! I met a couple of people on my course before my first year and it was nice to see a few familiar faces when term started.

In the next couple of weeks there will be lots of blogs published aimed at freshers! I would recommend keeping an eye out for those, but here are some links to my previous blogs too.

Whatever your summer plans are, take time to look after yourself and enjoy the break whilst it lasts!

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