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Making the most of the Easter break

Hi everyone!

One Evolution lecture at 3pm today and then Term 2 is over and I’ll be on my way back home to London! It is scary to think how fast this term has gone – it seems only yesterday since I wrote about my Christmas vacation plans! I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends and for the Easter festivities! It will be great to wind down and have a break from university life- I will make the most of my parents’ good-will and will enjoy someone else doing most of the cooking and taking care of responsibilities!

So, what do I plan to do this Easter?

The Easter vacation for Warwick students is very long- 16th March to the 23rd April – my friends who attend other universities get a mere 2 weeks! I am definitely going to make the most of the time off, both in terms of revision and exam preparationm and in taking the time to do things I enjoy and spend time with family and friends who I can’t see often. I know that Term 3 will be a busy and maybe stressful one, so I want to try to get the right balance between getting lots of work done, but not to overdo it.

For the first week of Term 3 I will be on an Ecology field trip in Pembrokeshire as part of a core module for the Biological Sciences students (I will write a blog about this afterwards). Once back at uni there will be another lab, revision lectures, time to revise and then the exams- it will be hectic! Exams for second year Life Sciences students will be around the 30th May-22nd June, but they start and finish earlier for first years (last year my last exam was on the 1st June).

When it comes to revising, I find it useful to write targets so I’m going to write a list of the things I want to get done over the following few days and tick them off once completed. First years have a few assignments to do over Easter such as an extended essay and a quantitative skills assignment, but for second years our priority is exam preparation.Aside from revision, my plans include going to Westfield in London (they’re going to open up the new stores next week), go out with friends, see family, go on walks in the country as a good break from studying, bake the traditional Simnel cake, and to have a good go at reading the Origin of the Species – wish me luck! In addition, I’m going to GSK’s headquarters in Brentford, London to attend an Insight Day. I am really excited for this because I am very interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry and am keen to find out more about what a typical day for a graduate would be and whether a career in this field would suit me.

Whether you are preparing for your A Levels, GCSES etc, I hope you are productive but ensure you don’t do too much- you don’t want to burn out before the exams arrive. Until next time!

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