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Making the Most of Term Three

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Third term has always been a very different term to the rest of the year for me. In my first year, I spent my third term throwing myself into the drama societies at Warwick, while my second year term three was spent at home in the first lockdown! This year, term three is likely to be very different again, as restrictions (hopefully!) continue to ease and things begin to open up. Therefore, I thought I might share a bit about my experiences in term three of first year to give a sense of how to make the most of term three!

My favourite part of term three of my first year was getting involved in all the drama societies at Warwick. As Theatre Studies is quite an exam-light course, the majority of term 3 assessments for me were practical performances and essays, which I had spent the year adjusting to and therefore didn’t find especially stressful. Since there were no lectures or seminars I had a lot more free time, and this free time only increased as my assessments were submitted and performed. By around week 7 all my assignments were done, so I could fully dedicate my time to socialising and societies! This was quite different to terms one and two and meant I could get much more involved in activities outside of class.

In my third term of first year, I ended up being involved in 5 society shows total – I had assistant/shadow roles on two production teams, was rehearsing for an Edinburgh Fringe show, and was on two teams pitching shows for the first term of my second year. This may sound like a lot, but the last two didn’t really pick up until the end of the term, while with the first two I could come and go as I pleased as the roles had less responsibility. This meant that I got to explore a range of roles across various shows and societies while still having time to focus on my work. Once assessments were done I was incredibly thankful for the society activities, as it gave me something to do with my days and a project to work towards. Taking part in these shows also enabled me to meet new people, work with and learn from some more experienced students, and cement the friendships I was forming. Taking on assistant and shadow roles also meant that I could try out the roles without having too much responsibility, giving me experience if I wanted to do more while not having the pressure to keep the shows running if I hated them. This paid off in the end, as I went on to be an assistant producer in an Arts Centre show and direct a Shakespeare play the next year. If I hadn’t taken on these smaller roles, I wouldn’t have gained experience or found out if I actually enjoyed them. I also wouldn’t have met as many people as I did, which meant I wouldn’t necessarily have some of the same friends as I have now.

Another of my favourite parts of term three was attending the Theatre Studies final year practical dissertation performances. These were across two days, with readings, performances, installations and videos from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. I attended most of the first day of these with one of my friends, joining the performances from around 11am until whenever they finished. While the day was a bit exhausting, it was definitely worth attending and I had an excellent time. My friend and I left the day super excited to make our own third year projects, dreaming up the sort of things we would want to do ourselves. I really missed not being able to see the final year projects last year, and while there will be restrictions this year on capacity I would encourage any Theatre student to see as many as they can, as seeing all the amazing things created is really inspiring and enjoyable.

The final thing I loved doing in the third term was making the most of opportunities to socialise! As classes and assessments wind down, it becomes a lot easier to spend time with people without feeling stressed by work. Societies can obviously be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, but I also found myself growing closer with the friends I already had in third term. This was especially true when the weather grew nicer, as we all headed out to get ice cream or drinks and sit out in the sun. I also found myself going out a lot more in third term, as I didn’t have to get up early for classes or to work on assessments. While we may still have to wait a bit longer for nights out to resume, I hope that summer days sitting in the green spaces of campus with ice creams and friends will be a significant part of this term!

In general, I would advise everyone to make the most of term three and get involved with as much as possible! There are many more opportunities to get involved in societies, and with less pressures from classes and assessments term three is a great time to make the most of the opportunities available! If you want to get involved in a society but aren’t sure how, you can always drop a message to them on their social media pages, and they will be happy to help.

Enjoy term three!

Hannah Khan | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Hannah

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