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Making that big decision

So I appreciate that the majority of you readers will be heading towards a decision about which university, which course etc. Of course if you are reading this you will have applied by now or are looking to next year. I appreciate that all of the sources that you hear about specific courses on a university platform will always say about how their course is great. I don’t intend to do that with these blogs; I intend to tell you about my experience. So I thought today would be a great opportunity to tell you why I’m glad I chose both Warwick and MORSE. After all, I’ve chosen to stay another year and complete the Masters.

So I’ll talk first about MORSE then the university itself. The great thing about MORSE and MathStats here at Warwick is the amount of choice. Warwick mathematics department offer the highest number of modules to their students. The reason for this is that as a maths or statistics student you get the choice from all of maths, statistics, economics, the business school and many an option from Computer Science. All of these departments are in the top 5 in the country for their respective field. Doing MORSE gives you the opportunity to explore all of these options. I’ve done a module from every single department apart from Computer Science but I did do a programming module lectured by computer science lecturers, it was just more mathematical. I’ve come to the conclusion that I personally prefer the statistics modules and I am a fan of programming. Please don’t interpret statistics as only what you do in S1/S2, there’s much more to do it; I personally prefer probability but that comes under the statistics umbrella.

MORSE makes you so employable too. I’m in my third year and I’ve done two internships at major firms and I have just had confirmed another one for the summer. I’m not alone so have all of my friends. The friends who are graduating have jobs in some very wide-ranging fields from strategic consulting to actuarial to investment banking. MORSE also provides a great stepping stone to PhD study too. We are very sort after and Warwick itself are trying to keep us on to study here with incentives to take the masters (such as lower fees) and to ultimately stay on to take a PhD. Having a wide mathematical background from the wide availability of choices is a significant advantage; particularly deep into fields where you could need knowledge from 5 or so fields to get through.

So as for Warwick itself. It’s often called the bubble as there’s everything you need on campus. It’s very easy to slip into this but is that necessarily a bad thing? The great thing about Warwick is its very similar to a city university but also keeps a sense of community with campus at the centre of it. That’s why there’s so many societies and why so many people decide to stay for a fourth year. Living in Leamington has been a great experience with a wide-variety of places to socialise. Compared to my friends who go to university in York, Liverpool, Newcastle there is obviously more to do in those cities. However there is no real student body. At Warwick you can be independent and involved, not simply independent.

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