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Making Friends in the First Term

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Of all of the changes that going to university brings, one of the most daunting for me was the idea of not knowing anyone and having to find a new friendship group. After having been at Warwick for a term, I’m happy to say that I shouldn’t have worried – the friends I’ve made over the last 10 weeks are all lovely, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in term 2. Here’s three ways that I made friends in the first term.



The first place you will meet people when you arrive at university is likely to be your accommodation. The university tries to personality match you with your flatmates in terms of hobbies and routine. Freshers week also gives you time to really get to know your flatmates, as no one has any contact hours. Meal times are also a great time to get to know people; I often sat down to eat dinner and didn’t get back up until hours later because I’d been enjoying the conversation so much! Even after just a term, my flat feels like a family.


Lectures and seminars

I went into my lectures and seminars with the mindset that everyone on my course had something in common with me, as we all chose the same subject at the same university. To try and make friends with my coursemates, I went to my contact hours around 15 minutes early in the first few weeks so I could meet and talk to whoever was there. It also gave me a chance to see some familiar faces in the lecture theatres, which can initially be quite intimidating because there’s so many people in them.



Aside from your accommodation and course, a great way to meet people with similar interests to you is through societies. The choice of societies here at Warwick is huge, and you’re sure to find a few that you want to get involved in. As well as regular society meetings, they also often hold social events, which is a good way to go out with some different people to who you normally would, as the societies give you the opportunity to meet people studying different courses in different years.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Kiera Evans | Postgraduate History (Modern) Contact Kiera

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