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Making friends? At Warwick University? It’s more likely than you think

Making friends at uni is one of the universal concerns all students have at the beginning of the year. It can be quite challenging for some and not everyone finds it easy to talk to new people and make new friends. Here, I have decided to share some things you can do before starting university and during the first few months to help you make new friends.

Before you start your course, a good way to meet new people and begin to make friends is to join some group chats through Facebook or Whatsapp. Try searching through Facebook pages such as the Warwick University Freshers Official SU and Uni group. Here you will usually find group chats for people staying in the same accommodation blocks, course related groups or groups for people with similar interests. Joining group chats before term starts allows you to begin to interact with fellow Warwick students which can make moving in and meeting everyone on the first day less daunting. Furthermore, it also allows you to socialise with the people that will be on your course so you will already know some familiar faces once term starts. This is especially useful if you’re living at home and won’t get to make friends with flatmates.

My second tip for people moving into campus accommodation is to spend time getting to know your flatmates during move-in day and welcome week. You won’t make any new friends if you sit in your room alone all day so I recommend just spending some time in the kitchen in order to meet your flatmates. After you’ve met and introduced yourselves, doing some activities together is a good way to bond. You could go to the Welcome Fair together (and grab those important freebies), go on a campus tour together or attend a social event in the evening together. The activity you choose to do together isn’t extremely important and what matters more is simply getting to know the people you’ll be living with for the next year. However, you won’t always be best friends with everyone you meet and you might not always get along with everyone you’re living with. This isn’t always an issue though as there are plenty of places to meet people outside of your flat, however I would recommend you at least try to be on good terms with your flatmates as this makes living together much more pleasant for everyone. Just don’t be that person that never empties the bins or leaves their dirty plates in the kitchen for months until they start to go mouldy and you’ll be fine!

Another tip for making friends is to do things you enjoy so you will meet people with similar interests to you and a good way to do this is by joining societies. Going out clubbing can be a great way to make new friends for some people, however not everyone enjoys it. Don’t feel pressured to do things like clubbing if you don’t actually enjoy it because if you continue to do activities you don’t actually enjoy, it makes finding friends with similar interests to you more challenging. Instead, do things you’re actually interested in. If you love Disney, then joining the Disney society is a great way to meet people you’re more likely to be friends with. If you enjoy sports, joining a sports team might help you make friends. Most societies hold taster sessions or causal socials during welcome week so try to attend these if they interest you. This way, even if you don’t end up joining a particular society, you will have hopefully met people with similar interests to you that you can potentially be friends with. This tip is especially helpful for people living at home as it allows you to make new friends before your course officially starts.

Another way to make friends is to talk to people on your course. Most courses will have an induction type day along with a social activity where you can meet your lecturers and fellow students. This will make the first day of lectures less daunting as you will already know some people. It also helps to find out if anyone on your course is living near you so you can walk to lectures together with someone you know. Another way to get to know the people on your course is to actually turn up to seminars and lectures. You won’t get to know anyone if you don’t actually show up and talk to people. Following on from this, another way to get to know people better is to turn up to lectures slightly early. This way, you will have time before the lectures start to talk to the people around you and get to know them better and then make plans to hang out outside lectures.

Making new friends can be hard and not everyone enjoys doing it. However, the good news is that university is one of the best places to be for making new friends. There are so many diverse people at uni from a variety of backgrounds, meaning that there will most likely be someone you will get along with. Plus, if you’re not great at starting conversations with new people, you can always use the classic fresher conversation starters such as “Where are you from?”, “What accommodation block are you staying in?”, “what are you studying?” and so on. Making friends at uni might be easier than you first thought since nearly everyone will be in the same position as you and will be just as eager to make new friends.


I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment! 

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