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Making Friends at Uni

So I’m sitting on the train back home, reflecting on my first term at uni and overall it has met my expectations. Living independently and away from home was not at all difficult for me; after the first week I realised that I didn’t miss it at much as I thought I would. However making friends was tougher for me than most; many people instantly gel with everyone in their flat and they do everything together, but unfortunately that didn’t happen for me.

This is why I highly recommend joining societies or sports clubs. I tried a fair few: Harry Potter society, Ballroom and Latin dance, Trampolining… But it was CMD (Classical and Modern Dance) and Warwick Tap society that I committed the most time to and it was definitely worth it. Everyone in both societies is so lovely and I have made good friends with freshers and many second & third years too! I do classes and socials with them every week which is a great bonding experience.

I’m also fortunate in that my course only has a small cohort of students. There’s about 30 of us studying Liberal Arts which means that you get to know everyone well. We’re a really tight-knit group and next year I’m living with a girl from my course and two of her current flatmates.

The social side of uni can be daunting at first, and even if you’re still struggling, just keep throwing yourself into it and push yourself to make friends. Sometimes I felt that it would never work out, but my situation improved as the term progressed and I got to know people more. Don’t give up! Use the Christmas holidays to unwind and meet up with old friends. Obviously do work if you need to but don’t go overboard. I read that one girl planned on doing revision 6 days a week which quite frankly is ridiculous (it’s Christmas!!). I have 4 essays due for the beginning of next term but I know I will fit them between working part-time, seeing friends, going on family outings, and relaxing. Happy Christmas!

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