Making Friends 101 (because they don’t sell handbooks and we’d all be too embarrassed to buy one if they did) – OurWarwick

Making Friends 101 (because they don’t sell handbooks and we’d all be too embarrassed to buy one if they did)

Making Friends 101 (because they don’t sell handbooks and we’d all be too embarrassed to buy one if they did) 

In my experience Warwick is a vast and sometimes a little intimidating place and it can seem hard to connect with people. I found I’d have a great conversation with someone and then never see them again.  I got told all I had to do was join societies and people would come flocking but it’s not always as simple as that. So, here are my helpful and hopefully humorous tips for finding some friends.  


Rule number 1) Get people’s social media! I won’t lie to you I am shameless when it comes to getting someone’s snapchat, I may tell you it’s for work but I am 100% going to end up bombarding you with questions about whether you’re going to pop or what your weekend plans are. But all joking aside this really is the best way to keep in contact with someone if they’re not in your flat. Which leads me on to my next point…. 


Rule number 2) Don’t assume your flat mates will be your best friends for life and you’ll go to each other’s weddings and baby showers and your kids will play together. While this may be true for some people and you need a backup plan so don’t spend the whole term hanging around if you aren’t feeling that spark, nobody likes a kitchen ghost. Realistically your flat mates can often turn out to just be people you live with and you might not even get along with some of them, you live with your family and I guarantee you probably argue with your sister over a shade of lip gloss or with your mum about leaving dirty dishes in your room. When you live with people all the time, they can get on your nerves it’s perfectly natural so don’t worry if your friends at their universities are best friends with their flat mates and you’re not. Go out and explore! I live in Rootes but I hang out in Westwood so much I may as well live there. Each accommodation has its own unique vibe and type of people. Go out and live a little and you’ll find your clique. Speaking of… 


Rule number 3) Don’t try and be the coolest kid on the block. This isn’t school, this is adult life (though the shenanigans at Rootes may somewhat counter this). Lots of people come to university with the idea that they’re going to reinvent themselves (me included) and become super popular, realistically though people aren’t looking for this anymore. If your just another fake act in a crowd people will pick up on it and quickly get bored, try just being the special, unique (if a little weird) person that you truly are. I may have played ring of fire and dressed up every night on Freshers, but I’ve decided chilling in my pajamas watching Doctor Who with my Westwood buddies is better. You do you! 


So, there you have it, it may sound cheesy, but this is the truth as far as I know it. If your feeling lonely I guarantee there is someone out there feeling that way too. You’ve just got to find the people you relate to and as hard as it may be, start a conversation! Tell that girl her blue hair is wicked, complement that guy on his tongue piercing, tell that gender-neutral person you think their taste in Netflix is legendary. Celebrate your differences together! 

Well this has probably ruined my street cred forever hope you find this useful 🙂 


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