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Make your uni room feel like home

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Arriving at Warwick may feel a little nerve racking, it might be the first time you’ve been away from home for a substantial period of time. I remember arriving at my on-campus accommodation, a total blank canvas room. Making it a room I enjoyed being in wasn’t the first thing on my mind, but overtime I’ve come to think that it is really important to make your room feel as homely as possible. I’m sure you’ll study and relax there, taking time to ensure you feel comfortable in your room is a great way to get used to the University environment.

Here’s my tips to make the most of your Uni room:

🖇Make it convenient🖇

This a very small but important step, you may only be living in your on-campus room for a year but making sure it’s as convenient as possible is important. It might feel small, but having simple things, like an extension chord to charge your phone by your bed, or a towel rack to dry your wet towels after a shower, make a big difference. There’s no point soldiering on for a year because your uni room is “temporary”, for a year it’ll be your home so bring those little things to make daily living easy.

💡Ambient lighting💡

I’m sure you’re well aware that Uni students like fairy lights – I sure do! Ambient lighting is important, I study and relax in my room, something which I rarely do at home. It’s important to switch off from studying at some point during the day but relaxing in the same room I study in can be challenging. I like to use lighting to break up my day. In the day I’ll use my main overhead light to work, in the evening (when I want to relax) I turn on my fairy lights as part of my end of day routine. This helps change the mood of my room instantly. If you don’t have fairy lights, try some desk and night lamps instead.

🌱Look after some plants🌱

Pot plants are certainly a new fascination for me. Regrettably, I do have to admit I have been through quite a few this year but I promise I’m getting better! I cannot explain the joy of bringing home a little plant from Tesco and looking after it. It adds much needed vibrancy and life to my window sill and the pots brighten my room. It’s proven that plants improve creativity, productivity and concentration – three things which are hugely desirable for a uni student. Be warned however, buying pot plants can get addictive. If you don’t trust yourself with a real plant why not buy a fake plant? It still adds greenery to your room!

🏡Implement home into your room🏡

You may get home sick for the first few weeks you are at Uni, and that is completely normal. I found that bringing up things which reminded me of home were great comforts as I found my feet at Warwick. Bring up things you really like in your room at home, or objects which remind you of your favourite things.

🎨Show your personality🎨

Uni is an experience and the first few weeks may feel like a whirlwind. Having things which remind you of who you are and what you like will really help during your first few weeks. I felt like I lost myself a bit during the first few weeks, use your room to celebrate what you like. All on-campus rooms have pin boards – pin up posters, photos or your own art to really put a stamp on your room.

📋Be prepared📋

I really enjoyed thinking about how I would organise my University room when I first arrived. Taking time in advance to think about it means when you arrive you can start putting things up immediately. When you arrive, the blank canvas can be a little intimidating. If you are prepared you can make your room feel as comfortable as possible straight away!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emily Alger | Mathematics and Statistics (BSc MMathStat) Contact Emily

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