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Make your room your own!

As I’m almost done with all my exams (only one more to go!), I’m feeling so relieved to almost be done, while at the same time a bit sad that my first year has almost come to an end. But exams are not fun at the moment, so I’m just waiting to do my last exam tomorrow and finally get to relax after studying for what seems like forever.

But finishing first year means I’ll have to pack up my room soon – and I’m kind of not wanting to after having decorated it so nicely throughout the year (I also have so much in my room, I really don’t know how I’m going to be able to pack everything). And since I quite like how I decorated mine, I thought I’d put up some photos before it’s all gone – feel free to steal any ideas that you get from this, whether you’re a first year moving into university in a few months, or ideas for decorating your student homes in your second or third year.

(Also if you have any tips for me – please comment down below I’d love to hear them).


Cushions are a great way to make your bed look more interesting (and comfortable). I actually got this idea from a friend. I bought the inner cushion liners from Wilko’s and the funky cushion covers from Amazon. I don’t quite remember where my bed sheets were from but I think they were from John Lewis.


Above my bed, I put up a sort of collage of a bunch of album covers of my all time favourite albums. I’m a big music (and concert) person and thought this would be cool to do. I got them all printed online at PhotoBox (there was an offer of 100 free prints one time and I definitely took advantage), and stuck them up with whitetac (don’t use bluetac as that will stain the walls).


So here’s a zoom out of how the bed and album wall looks like – luckily my curtains weren’t too ugly and somewhat matched my sheets. I also hung up some dim fairy lights around my bed which I bought from Amazon, and used command hooks to hang them up.


One thing I hate about the university rooms is the harsh white fluorescent lighting – I’ve always been a bit obsessed with lighting in areas as it can really change a whole room. I bought this bedside lamp from Wilko’s as well (I think it was only about £2) to use for when I’m sitting in bed on my laptop or reading.


In the rooms at Warwick, everyone tends to get a big noticeboard which you can stick stuff on. Instead of using it for papers, I used mine to hang up a whole bunch of photos of my friends and family from back home – again using whitetac so it doesn’t stain. I also got all of these printed at PhotoBox.


I had a few posters from home and I used these to hang around my door and coat hangers so that side of the room doesn’t look too empty.


And more fairy lights!Maybe I overdid it with the lights but it allows me to light up my room in different ways. I bought these smaller fairy lights from Amazon which turned out very bright, I tend to turn these ones on when I’m sitting at my desk as they light up the area really well. My shelves are not that interesting, just a bunch of folders, books and other stuff. I hung up some drawings I’ve done throughout the year near the bottom as well as tickets of concerts I’ve been to throughout the year. To the side, I hung up a kind of tapestry – I bought command velcro strips to hang that up (search them on Amazon – they’re really handy!).

And that’s my room for first year! I kind of wish I had bought more plants, but maybe I’ll be adding those in for second year when I move to Leamington. I think I’ll miss living on campus as it’s just more convenient, but next year will be a different experience. Decorating your room really transforms your room into something of your own – and it’s also made it a place where I like to spend time in as well.

As always, please feel free to comment down below!

– Rana x

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