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Maintaining physical & mental wellbeing during exam season

For most people, exam season is a stressful time. The hours of revision leading up to a high-pressure, timed test of your knowledge aren’t the most fun times of your life. But, I don’t think they have to be the worst either. Here are a few tips to help you through the final stretch of the academic year.  
  • Do what works for you
This is my number one piece of advice. I think everything comes down to having the confidence to ignore what others around you are doing and to stick to what works for you. For example, I spent the first week of the term being miserable and unmotivated in the library because I assumed that because everyone studied there, I should too. In fact, I discovered I can’t concentrate in the library at all and work much better in my room. Everyone’s study preferences are different. Not better or worse; just different.   
  • Do not sacrifice sleep
Sleep is NOT for the weak! Sleep is an essential ingredient to making your hard hours of studying pay off. Your brain processes all the information you’ve absorbed during the day when you sleep, which will help you remember better. You wouldn’t study only half of your syllabus so why would you neglect half of the study process?   
  • Stay active
By staying active I don’t necessarily mean spend an hour and a half at the gym every day. Although, if that helps you relax and take your mind of your revision notes, do so (I know I do!). But, if the gym doesn’t sound particularly appealing to you, there are loads of other ways to get your blood flowing and send some fresh oxygen to your brain! For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator when going up to the top floors of the library. Walk up the Leamington parade to Tesco instead of taking the bus. Do a 15-minute yoga/stretching/abs/legs/whatever session before showering. Again, do what works for you, your body and your time schedule.   
  • Go outside
Going outside to get fresh air is really important. The easiest way for me to get it in is having my lunch outside when the weather permits it of course. If it doesn’t, then open a window from time to time.   
  • Have nutritious meals
Just like getting enough sleep helps you think better, getting enough and the right nutrients will too. Throwing a pizza in the oven is much easier than cooking a meal – I know. And it’s not a problem to have one from time to time but making a habit out of it is. Without the proper nutrients, your body will lack the energy to study effectively. I really like smoothies because they’re easy to make, to take with you and are a great way of getting loads of macronutrients in. Stir fries in the evening are also great – quick, easy and perfect for next day lunch!   
  • Put things in perspective
My final tip is to remember to put the entire exam season in perspective. Yes, exams are important. Yes, you want to work hard and do well. But no, you’re worth is not defined by your grades. And no, the rest of the world does not stop existing from May to June. You’ve done your best, worked as hard as you could and you gave it your all on exam day and that’s what matters. 

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