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Maintaining Motivation

Hello everyone, we are now in week 9 out of 10! This is not only ridiculously scary that I only have one taught term left but also the point where my motivation goes. With only 4 weeks until Christmas and one last assessment to do I thought I’d provide some tips on maintaining motivation at such a late point in the term.

  1. Make a list. Sounds very simple and trust me it is. Essentially, I stick a post-it note on my laptop with my priorities, which are usually in order of the deadline! Having them constantly in sight when I go to watch Netflix serves as a pressing reminder about what I’m actually supposed to be doing.
  2. Study breaks. Despite what people who pull all-nighters tell you, working solidly for 8+ hours is pretty hard to sustain. If you do manage it, then the work you produce might not make much sense. Here’s what I do. For every hour of work, I watch half an episode of a series I’m watching. I take breaks after every hour but you can build it up for example, work two hours then watch a TV episode.
  3. Don’t overestimate what you can do in a day. Have a reachable target because no one wants to look at a list with 10 things to do (probably never going to happen in a day). If it’s an essay I’ll aim to produce a skeleton of what I’m going to write over two days. Then aim for 200-500 words a day depending on what else I need to do.
  4. Working with friends. This really helps with motivation because if you get stuck there is someone to ask! But a word of warning, if your friend doesn’t want to actually work they will be a massive distraction so it might be best to "have them on call".
  5. Have fun! Honestly, plan time for nights out in advance or activities with friends. They are a god send if they’re close to a deadline. Not only are they motivation to get the work done so you can have fun; they are a stress reliever. Being able to relax and wind down in an evening really helps the next morning to get up early to start your day.

Just remember you’ve already achieved so much in the two months we’ve been here. When the term is over you want to be able to look back and be proud of the effort that you’ve already put in. Getting to grips with motivation now will really help when it comes to the dreaded exam season.

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