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Lunar New Year in Warwick

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Chinese New Year falls on 16 February (2 days after Valentine’s) this year! This year, Warwick offers many activities and events to celebrate it, such as having a Chinese New Year Gala. The date for Chinese New Year changes every year depending on Chinese calendar and there are some things to do during this period to help to bring luck (traditions and superstition may differ across different places but here are the most common ones):

1. Wear red! It is considered an auspicious colour to help to bring luck, wealth and happiness. The short story of why people wear red during Chinese New Year is the colour is said to help to ward off the attack of a monster that used to attack a village in the past. (Additionally, avoid wearing black or white as these colours are linked to mourning)

2. Avoid touching sharp objects (etc. scissors, needles) as these are considered inauspicious

3. Don’t do anything bad. No stealing, killing, breaking objects, scolding, cursing and many others. Doing so is said to cause misfortune and loss of wealth. (Nevertheless, we should avoid doing this on daily basis anyways)

2018 is the year of the dog in the lunar calendar. If you are born in the year of the dog, you will most likely have some of the dog zodiac’s characteristics which are – loyal, friendly and kind. If you are interested to find out what zodiac you belong in, here is a link for you:

However, those born in January and February might end up having another animal for their zodiac. For instance, this year, the first day of lunar new year is 16 February. Hence, if you were born before 16 February in 2018, your zodiac is the rooster instead of the dog.

Chinese New Year Eve (15 February) is when you celebrate having a meal with your family also called 团圆饭which can be translated as “reunion dinner”. This year, I celebrated with my friends by going to eat outside and spend other days eating home cooked delicacies to celebrate! Although what with my friends during our ‘reunion dinner’ was not the traditional Chinese dishes but what matters most is having dinner and spending time together with your loved ones. That is what Lunar New Year is about after all!

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