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Love Letter to the Library

Warwick University Library,

It’s only when we lose the things we had, that we realise what we miss the most. And that is how I realised how much I love you.

You bring out the wild in me. It was under your watchful gaze that we signed those crazy contracts to study at 6 am, with crazier consequences for not turning up. It was with you that my course-mates and I spent those countless cheery mornings and those long, exhilarating nights. Those were the days, with the coffee shots, chair races and early morning TESCO trips.

You bring out the best in me. My degree is not easy, but the community spirit you cause makes it all worth it. As everyone knows, Warwick University Library is THE place to be on campus. Forget clubs and bars, the library is the most social place of all. You bring us together like nothing I’ve seen before, and together, it feels like we can understand everything.

How I wish we could be reunited once more.

How I miss fighting for a seat with you, or grumbling about those who leave their bags with you, taking advantage of your giving nature. How I miss your endless whiteboards, your moving shelves, and your cycle-chargers. Those Study Happy events you ran, with the food and the games and the colouring.

Now that we are apart, all I can do is reminisce about exam season last year, about how you were always there for us, about how I’d arrive each morning to meet my friends and bid farewell to those who studied all night.

It is you who we ran to, to print off last-minute lab reports, it is you who we visited for a quick comfort meal, or a game of cards. It is with you that I experienced my first all-nighter. And my second. And my third. It has always been you.

It is between your walls that we had deep meaningful conversations when we had a deadline in 2 hours, where one friend attempted to teach quantum mechanics, whilst another watched 10 back-to-back lectures at 2x the speed.

Warwick University Library, you will always have a special place in my heart.

‘Till we meet again.

With all my love,

Ruhi xox

  • Glory

    Thank you very much for this write-up, this is exactly how I have felt for the past two months. I never believed I could miss Warwick University Library this much.


  • University of Warwick Library

    Thank you so much Ruhi! We really miss our student community and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    We also want students to know that we’re still here for them during this challenging time. Library staff are working from home to support you. Study Happy events are taking place virtually on the Library’s social media platforms. Academic Support Librarians are offering 1:1 help and advice on finding resources for revision and projects, via Zoom or Teams. Our ‘More Books – More E-Books’ campaign has received over 900 requests from students for e-book purchases since we launched it at the end of March – these are being added to stock where we can get them. So do come and find us virtually whilst you are away from campus.

    Wishing you all the very best with your studies this term and we hope to see everybody back at the Library soon.

    University of Warwick Library


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