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Lost voice, kids parties and only 5 weeks till Christmas and not enough hours in the day

This weekend has been crazy, not only did I wake up and have no voice, which was perfectly fine the night before; my daughter Faith had two parties on the Saturday and has another one next weekend and all is going slightly crazy around me! Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, but I can’t believe there are only 5 weeks to go and so far I haven’t really brought anything and our weekends have been busy with Faith shipping her to and fro from one party after another. Plus in a couple of weeks the whole Christmas stuff starts. We’re going with the family for afternoon tea with Father Christmas, which the girls (Faith and her cousin Olivia) are really looking forward too, and we’re also going to the pantomime. Faith also has two older brothers who want to take her to see Father Christmas, so I think we are also going for the day out to Hatton Country World at some point. Oh, and we’re going to Birmingham to visit the German Market with Faith’s friend from preschool – Samuele and his parents too. That is just all the family stuff to do in the next 4 weekends and I still need to find time to shop, decorate the house, oh yeah and do some uni work! I’m looking forward to a break over Christmas, although essays are due in January. Sometimes I seriously wonder why I ever decided to try and do a degree. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, week or month to get everything done. Don’t get me wrong though I’m so glad I’m doing this degree and absolutely love it, sometimes I just wish that the sun would stand still for longer and give me some extra hours in the day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you too feel like this please try not to stress about it too much you are not the only one, and I’m sure if you speak to a few other people with kids approaching Christmas they probably feel the same. However, you feel right now make sure you take time out for yourself to rest, the last thing anyone wants is to be ill over Christmas.

A more positive note – we are in week eight that only means one thing. Term 1 is nearly over, only a few more weeks left to go and we break up for Christmas.

One more thing I’ve learnt in the past few weeks, make sure when you do a dissertation get your ethics approval sorted as soon as possible. I have to do extra work up front to get my ethics approved.

I’ve tried to be as honest as I can in this blog, and while it might sound slightly negative, I’ve tried to be honest as a mother, wife and student what it can feel like when it gets busy and you don’t know where to start. These times do pass and one thing I would always suggest is being as organised as you can in advance so everything going on doesn’t swamp you.

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