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Loss, health and emotional wellbeing

During the first week of 2018, I received some very devastating news. A very dear friend of mine, who I had known since nursery school, passed away. It was very sudden and completely out of the blue; she had not even been ill. It was such a shock. I did contemplate whether or not I should write about this, but bereavement is something that affects all of us at different times in our life, so I thought that it was important to share.

Loss is a part of life, we all know that, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to accept. There is no magic wand that we can wave to make it better, or to take away our pain. There are many phases of bereavement (so I’ve been told), and unfortunately it’s a rough path that has to be traversed. At the moment I’m still in shock, and I have been since hearing the news. I think that the funeral will take me to (what I believe might be) the next stage, which will be the acceptance of the loss and the grieving. And, hopefully, when the shock and devastation recedes a little bit, that will be the time for healing. The time when I can look back on the joy of our friendship and the good times we shared.

Until that point, I need to ensure that I’m taking care of myself and talking about how I’m feeling. It’s very easy to bottle things up and let the sadness take hold, but it’s so important not to. I don’t imagine the feelings of loss or sadness will ever truly go; but I hope that they will walk alongside the happy moments that we shared and the wonderful friendship that we had. And, I know that when I read a good thriller or watch a horror film, I’ll remember her and her love of books and a good horror movie, and I’ll be thankful that she was a part of my life.

I just want to finally say that, it’s so important to take care of our health and emotional wellbeing. If anyone reading this blog has suffered a bereavement or if you are feeling low, please talk to someone – a family member, friend, colleague or your GP. The university also offers a counselling service. You can access their webpage via the following link: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/counselling/student/. They offer care and wellbeing support, help with study skills and they can signpost you to other support which is available. They also offer workshops, for students and staff, which include: Coping with Bereavement, Stress and Anxiety Reduction, Managing Depressive Feelings, and lots more.

Life can be very challenging, please don’t suffer in silence. There is support out there, so make use of it. We all need a little help at times.

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