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Looking out for your Well-Being at Uni

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

With the adacemic terms speeding by, sometimes you can’t help but feel quite overwhelmed. With so much going on, coursework to keep on top of, dissertations to write and job applications to send out, you may start feeling a little like your starting to burn out. While I was bracing myself for the hectic nature of third year it still didn’t set me up to the actual workload and busy chaotic schedule that I’m currently managing at the moment. With the presumption that this will be my last year in the UK being an international student and the hunt for a company that will sponsor a working visa for international students. Indeed third year puts everything to the test and you are really able to identify character building situations and your strengths and weaknesses at such a sensitive time during this life stage. Being a multifaceted individual is definitely something that develops and comes around through time. This is something I know developed further throughout my years at university and I am ever grateful for this newfound resilience. While I have had a share of ups and downs and I know some of my other peers have undergone as well, each individual has their own battles and different people have different coping mechanisms, When times are the hardest and you feel that everything is getting stacked on top of each other it is always good to know that you have people to support you whether they be friends or family.

Sometimes when things get very difficult and you feel yourself slipping into areas that are beyond your control it is good to reach out and receive the support best suited for you and your situation. This term ended on a bumpy note and I finally was able to make use of the University’s counselling services. It felt good to be able to release the burdens and heaviness that was weighing me down and the university is able to help support you so that your academics are not affected whilst you are looking out for your own personal well-being. Life may throw you curveballs at the most unexpected of times and those are normally the hardest to overcome.If in the case you do need to feel like you need to talk to someone and don’t have time to make an appointment at the counseling center; the Nightline services are another amazing option Warwick offers as a support service for students, espcially those on campus. This is a student-run, confidential, and non-judgmental peer-to-peer support listening service, which is open from 9am-9pm throughout term. They offer IM or phone services as well as the ability to walk-in with their office being located between the Rootes accommodations. At times you may just feel you want someone to talk to just to be able to vent and where you are not necessarily looking for an immediate solution, but to know that someone can listen to you so you are not carrying everything on your chest can be more helpful than many know. You should never be ashamed of how you are feeling and we all have emotions and that is what makes us human.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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