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Looking forwards

Hey everyone, I know it’s super easy to just focus on term 3 with all of the revision it involves but balance is still important. Most sports clubs run drop in sessions and then there are all of the charity tournaments to look forwards too.

Term 3

I am mostly looking forwards to exam being over (I think everyone is) but before that glorius day in week 7 I can’t wait to be reunited with my friends. We often cook or be with each other while we eat so that we aren’t trapped in our bedrooms surrounded by paper. The sunny weather now means that my uni house will have moved from freezer to sauna but it now means I can open the window! My exams this year are fairly close together (5 in 6 days) but this benefits us as markers like to see you draw from other areas of biology in the more descriptive questions so as stressful as it may be it should hopefully work. My results day is on the 30th June, pretty scary! But most people on our course pass the year if they’ve revised so nothing to worry about so it’s just time to celebrate.


After that last Pop! it’s the countdown to summer! I managed to secure some work with disabled children over 5 weeks. It’s essentially caring for the children and, more importantly, playing with them. They get to dictate what they do so you don’t see as much of the challenging behaviour seen in the school environment. I’ll spend the rest of my summer seeing some friends when they’ve finished their work experience and internships. Summer also means being reunited with home friends. It’s crazy how you can just pick everything back up with them like nothing has happened. I’m off to the Lake District for the most exercise-filled holiday I’ve ever had (I’m currently praying for sunshine) so my summer is going to fly by! Then it’s back for my final year and I have to start applying for PGCEs with an aim to teach.

Soon enough it will be the new academic year again and for some of us our final year (eek!). I hope you have a lovely easter! Get your heads down, power through and soon enough it will be time to enjoy the last few weeks when you aren’t madly procrastinating.

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