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Looking for something to do during the summer break?

Well I hope your exam results went well for you? 

Time to relax and maybe undertake new ventures to broaden your horizons and to occupy your time. 

Why not ry Volunteering! So what are the benefits to you? 

It offers vital help for organisation and people in need in the community. But the benefits are for you the volunteer. Ensure you choose the right role for you and this can introduce you to new friends, learn new skills and connect with communities and can advance your career and find a new work!

It is a well known fact that voluntary work  can protect your metal health, reduce stress and combat depression and to  increase your self esteem.

Choose an organisation that your are interested in or would to investigate further.

Just as an example I volunteer for the following along with others too;

Theatre – bar and usher roles as well as the tech side

Radio station – presenter a weekly radio show.

Dementia – running Dementia information sessions.

MIND – teaching anxiety and stress management courses.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust – various roles.

All of the above I help/support individuals and organisation s that I feel passionate about and enjoy the roles. 

So choose something you enjoy, you’ll love it!!!






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