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Looking for part-time work

Firstly, hi to all the freshers of 2016/17, I hope that you’re settling into university life and have already made some great friends. There is so much going on in the next few weeks so try and go to as many events (meaning careers, sales, volunteering, socials, etc) on campus as possible. Also, hi to returning students I hope that this year will bring new and exciting challenges that you can look forward to!

Moving on, I want to tell you all a little bit about finding part-time work during university. Now this is not an option that you have to pursue because university can be very demanding and your work takes priority. However, I don’t want the idea of taking on too much to prevent some of you from attempting to find a job at university. For freshers, I would suggest that a job on campus is definitely more suitable. When I was a fresher at university I received emails about potential jobs on campus and applied for different departments. I applied for the Warwick Arts Centre, restaurants and cafe jobs on campus and luckily landed an amazing job as your Sociology Student Blogger, which I still love to this day hence why I am still with you! The best thing about applying for jobs on campus is that they understand that you can’t offer too many hours and that you won’t be at university during the holidays. Plus, if you really feel like you can’t dedicate your time for part-time work there are lots of events like Open Days, where the university will be looking for students to chaperone for the day and for which you get paid.

Now that I am in second year living in Leamington, I decided to apply for a variety of jobs within the town centre. Honestly, the amount of shops, restaurants and bars that are around means you are very likely to hear back from someone. Despite however, the opportunities available in Leamington, I am now working at Xananas Restaurant on Warwick campus because of how accomodating they are for students and the great feedback I’ve heard from employees that have worked for the Student Union. I do know of some people that have landed jobs in Leamington and love it so if that sounds like something you want to do then go for it. Me however, am a home bird and I am really excited for this year to work on campus. I hope that some of you can drop in for a meal at Xananas the food is lovely! Plus you might have the wonderful opportunity to be served by me haha only joking!

So a few tips when applying for part-time work

-Get in early, meaning start applying before term 1 starts and continue throughout weeks 1 and 2!

-Show your face at the place you’ve applied for as it shows that you are keen

-Make sure you have an up to date CV at the ready, I have a picture on mine just so that it stands out from other CVs

-Be confident and bubbly when interviewed don’t be afraid to laugh and maintain a good conversation with interviewer

-If invited to a trial, one of the most important skills they look for is that you can work as a team. So make friends with other potential work colleagues, show willingness to help each other out and be productive.

I hope that this blog is useful for any students applying for part-time work. Speaking as somebody who is working part-time I definitely recommend it because it gives you a break from work, you meet new people and it shows your willingness to get involved at university. If you have any questions please just email me as this is a subject I do know quite a bit about: mel_1996_100@hotmail.com

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