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Looking for a house

For all of us currently in first year of Warwick University, are in the midst of looking for a house to live in second year. To all those who are thinking about applying for university here I will give you a few tips when looking for a house and the people you want to live with.

When you first start university, the friends that you make in those first few months before Christmas are crucial, because many people start looking for houses around November and early December. It is a really short time I know, but don’t worry if you end up living with people that turn out to not be your kind of people you can always change houses if you find someone to replace you or look for a new house 3rd year with people that you have more in common with. I would recommend that when putting together a group of housemates you will want to keep the group small. I know some students who are going to be living with 11 people in one house……think of the mess. I definitely recommend a mixed sex house because boys are lots of fun to live with! I would say you should aim for a group of 4-6 people per house, these a nice numbers because you have a variety of people in the house and you are bound to get one with all of them! If you are unsure about university, or don’t feel that you have enough friends to live in a house with, that’s ok 🙂 you can wait till after Christmas, loads of houses become avaliable around January and February! Or you can take the alternative route and go onto Student Rooms in summer and throw yourself into a house with new people who may end up becoming your best friends.

Areas to look for in 2nd year: so there are many options when considering to live away. The most popular student places are Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and Canley. Leamington is by far the most popular place for students, there are loads of shops, a cinema, good restaurants, night clubs and so much more! I have been told that North Leamington is the best place to look if you want to be near the bus stops and the main street however I have also heard that South Leamington is where majority of student live so it is completely up to you! They are both fine either way. Kenilworth is less popular but is still the cutest village ever! I went there for Bonfire Night, we walked up to Kenilworth Castle and watched the firework display and there were loads of food trucks there too! The village is adorable, there are loads of cute pubs and restaurants and the houses are so well maintained. The only problem is that there are not nightclubs or great shops there however leamington is 10 minutes away and uni is a bike ride away! I love Kenilworth! Canley is very close to university I have found that a lot of international students are drawn towards that area and that it is so handy if you want to live close by university and avoid travel costs (bus passes, petrol, etc). You also have the opportunity to live in Conventry, this is where all the main shops are, train station, cinema, etc. However not many students go there but of course you will have the benefit of living near Kasbah (nightclub). You may bump into more Conventry University students there rather than Warwick students but if that sounds like something you would like I would definitely check it out! So there you have many options with where you want to live so don’t rush!

I recommend using websites like Rightmove, Warwick Accomodation and Student Homes websites because these are the ones that usually have the best houses at great prices! Keep looking through them, don’t assume you will find the right hosue straight away. Also, it is so important to book viewings, don’t just put a deposit down for a house that you haven’t seen yet because you don’t know what problems there could be. Organise a viewing and make sure you ask questions relating to water, gas and electricity as well as the monthly rent and thoroughly read through the contract that will be drawn up between you and the landlord. As long as you adhere to the guidelines and don’t wreck your house you will be absolutely fine 😀

Well I hope this has helped you all if you have any other questions about housing at university or even campus accomodation by all means email me but don’t be worried by the process because it is so easy! My email is mel_1996_100@hotmail.com! Thank you for reading this blog there will be more to come.

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