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Looking back on my first term of law school

I am sitting behind my desk in my room at home, in Switzerland and I can’t believe Term 1 is over! It’s gone by so fast! Maybe that’s because so much has happened in only a few weeks. I thought I’d reflect back on my first term of law school.    1. New Course   Although Warwick wasn’t new to me when I came back in October, my course was and I didn’t really know what to expect. After 10 weeks, I can now safely say that I love and really enjoy (almost) every aspect of it. Having been on a course I didn’t connect with at all last year, I was pleasantly suprised to find myself engaging with the readings and the work and actually enjoying doing it. Often times I found myself thinking “oh, that’s interesting”, or “right, hadn’t thought about that” or “yes, that makes sense”, all thoughts that I missed having last year and so are very satisfying to have now.    The workload is definitely heavy and I would be lying if I said I am 100% up to spead. I will definitely be making good use of the holidays to catch up on some missed lectures and readings and study for my MELS exam but I don’t feel like I’m drowing either. So, overall, I’m very glad I made the switch to law and look forward to the next term.   2. Reading Week   I went home for reading week this year and I’m very happy I did. I loved seeing my family and taking a break in an enviroment other than university. Although campus is great and living with my friends is genuinely fun, a change of scenery helps put your university life in perspective a little bit.  So, if you can go home or at least away from campus over reading week, I would highly recommend it. It also makes coming back to uni more exciting!    3. Property Law   Property law is the module I am struggling with most. I find the content to be quite abstract and difficult to engage with, which makes me feel quite lost. I was worried about this at first but having discussed it in seminars, I realised that almost everyone in my cohort feels the same way. This of course made me feel less alone and our seminar tutors assured us all that they’ll help us get through it. So, major takeaway: speak up if you’re unsure or confused – you’re almost certainly not the only one.    4. Mooting   I took part in the first year mooting competition organised by LawSoc this term. I didn’t know much about mooting and found it to be quite intimidating but I’m so glad I took part. Although my partner and I didn’t make it past the first round, I feel like my brief experience of mooting already tought me so much. It forced me to very quickly learn how to find and read cases, how to a build and convey a convincing argument and how to handle my nerves when speaking in front of others. It’s definitely scary and maybe not fun at all times but I worth it for sure and a great way to put yourself out of your confort zone.    5. LawSoc   I was very impressed by the law society and am very glad I joined it and attended a few of their events. The exec really makes an effort to organise useful and helpful career and academic events but they also organise fun socials. Taking part in those activities was an effective way for me to meet new people with similar interests. I don’t live on campus and because almost all of the people in my year do, I found socialising to be a little hard at times but the LawSoc events were a great way of finding common ground.    Overall, as you can hopefully tell, I am very satisfied with my first term at law school. I feel more confident than I did last year, more like myself and more generaly happier.    Wishing everyone a great holiday!

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