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Looking back on my first term at uni as a chemistry fresher

Hello there!

As term 1 has come to an end, like my fellow tired students I went home for the Christmas break to relax after all the hard work and to regenerate my brain cells. It seems like the appropriate time for some reflection. After all it’s been 10 weeks since the beginning of the academic year and during all this time there has been many surprising things I discovered. That’s why today I thought I would share with you a few surprising facts about Warwick (at least for a chemistry fresher like me).

The chemistry department is THE NICEST, seriously

It’s not like I wasn’t expecting that chemistry people would be nice, but I was very surprised with the amount of support and kindness towards new students. I felt very welcome in the community from the beginning. Moreover, I wasstunned to find out that most of the lecturers prefer when we refer to them with their name rather than per Professor, which makes the atmosphere even more friendly. I also appreciate that the department is really doing everything they can to make the situation easier for us – there are informal chats for us to ask questions every week, each student is also assigned a mentor (an older chemistry student) with whom we can talk and there are Chemcafé sessions each Monday where we can get help with lecture material, learn about different opportunities or just talk to other chemistry students.

There is a campus cat!

I was delighted to find out that there is a campus cat whose name is Rolf. He lives nearby and likes to make little trips on campus. Ever since I learned about Rolf and started following his instagram account (his username is @rolfatwarwick if any of you want to follow him as well), I became one of his biggest fans. Sadly, it’s not so easy to spot him when a lot of our classes are online and so we don’t spend as much time walking around campus. However, if you are one of the lucky economics students you may spot him in an online seminar or just meet him online during the Study Happy sessions.

Westwood accommodation is actually great – opposite to what all central campus students say

At first, I was a bit disappointed that I was allocated my 6 choice accommodation, but to be honest just after a few days in Westwood I realized there was nothing to worry about. The area overall is very green with many trees and a big open space and you can often see squirrels running around. The rooms are very spacious and it turns out that shared bathrooms are not bad at all – since coming to uni I never had to wait for the shower and it’s all very clean. Furthermore, we have the lovely Westwood café with a big study space – a perfect alternative for the crowded library. In general, I really enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in Westwood and just to debunk all the myths about Westwood students – yes, we do exist.

That is all for today. Till next time!


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