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Looking back on a fun and productive third year

In just 3 days, I will find out my degree results!!!

Thursday morning will therefore be full of heightened tensions- at 10 am exactly, with shaky hands I will log onto my account and view my results.  Then I will travel up to uni, as I will meet with my tutor, say goodbye to my friends before graduation day, and get a hard copy of my dissertation. This would also be the last visit up to Gibbet Hill- I really can’t believe it. Until then, I must stay calm and keep myself busy!

Third year has been great overall, and I have summarised key parts of my academic year:


I liked how we had a lot more choice of the modules we took this year. For Biological Sciences, we chose 5 optional modules, meaning that we only had one compulsory module in total. I enjoyed all of the modules- I remember that I was unsure whether I would like Bioenergy and Biorefining, but chose it because it was very different from my other modules, such as Protein Targeting and Oncology. I am so pleased I chose it as it came to be one of my favourite modules, and I learned so much relevant and topical information, which I have bored my friends and family with!!!

I also liked doing some less popular modules that were held in seminar rooms rather than large lecture theatres, namely Bioenergy and Biorefining, and Exploiting Innovation in Biology. The lectures felt more relaxed and there was more opportunity for discussions. In addition, having optional modules meant that I met lots of new people in Life Sciences. In my first and second years, I would sit with the same 2 friends from Biological Sciences in all my lectures (we even had a favourite set of seats). But as most modules were available to all degrees, I was able to meet new people from other Life Sciences degree courses.


I particularly liked that the labs for Biological Sciences were mostly in the computer suite, with only one lab being held in the laboratories. I have never really been that fond of laboratory work so this worked well for me. But if you do like labs, this is fine because you can opt to do a laboratory based research project in Term 3.

The lab in the laboratories involved analysing our samples collected from river water, such as looking at the creatures, microbes, and oxygen contents, and I enjoyed it. The other lab we did this year involved using the software Matlab. This was challenging, but it was new to everyone and there were drop in classes so I never felt overwhelmed by it all.


In my second year, I decided to continue  living in the same house in Earlsdon for my third year. Whilst a lot of my friends do live in Leamington, and a lot of the socials run by societies are held there, I decided Earlsdon would be best for me. I settled back into university life quite quickly after the long summer vacation, and I think this was mostly due to being back in familiar surroundings and getting back into a similar routine. One of my closest friends also lived round the corner, so a coffee on the high street was easily arranged.

Social life

Wind Orchestra was a weekly commitment for me up until third term, when exams and dissertation completely took over my life. But during terms 1 and 2, I enjoyed chatting to people at rehearsals and meeting new people; playing new pieces, and taking part in concerts and a charity event. I also enjoyed going to some aerobics classes which often left my legs aching for days after, and going to some cooking classes. In terms of socialising, I tended to opt for outings such as afternoon tea trips with friends to Curiositea, a pub lunch in Kenilworth, and watching shows in the theatre at the Arts Centre, rather than nights out.

I moved out of my student house ten days ago, and it was a bittersweet occasion. It had been my term time home for 2 years but I am excited to start the next stage of my life.


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