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Looking ahead for my last Term 2 at Warwick!

With 2019 just around the corner, I thought that for this blog I would share with you some uni-related goals I have for the new year, and give you an idea about what my second term of Year 3 may be like.


-My workload will be a lot lighter in terms of deadlines and assessments compared with Term 1. This is mainly because we completed all our lab reports in Term 1, I have not chosen any coursework modules, and most our work for the research project takes place after exams have finished in May. Since I have chosen all exam based modules (I hope I won’t regret this come May!) I will be able to concentrate on attending lectures, making my lecture and revision notes, and doing any extra reading during term time.

– The modules I will be taking this term are Protein Targeting, Oncology, and Bioenergy and Biorefining all of which these seem really interesting, and are varied.  I chose my modules so that they would be fairly distributed over Terms 1 and 2, but it is up to you how you decide to space them out. Some people are looking forward to a much quieter timetable after a busy Term 1, but I like to be busy. I aim to keep on top of all my lecture notes so I don’t need to do that over Easter when I need to revise.


 I plan to make the most of my penultimate term, before the dreaded exams in Term 3! It is so important to make the most of the facilities and societies on offer.

-I will try to go swimming more frequently and attend more of the exercise classes run by the Aerobics society. I cannot recommend these classes enough- they range from high intensity training  which leaves you aching for days but psychologically feels beneficial, to more relaxed dance classes.  They are a great break away from studying and are of course good exercise.

-Since I’ll have more time away from assessed work,although I will still have lots of lectures, I want to make the most of seeing my friends during a less stressful term compared to terms 1 and 3, and I intend to say yes to more social invitations and society events.


-I aim to be more disciplined in separating my work and home life. It’s so important to have some time to yourself to relax, so I want to read a lot more books during my evenings.

-I love cooking so will ensure that I try out new recipes and continue to cook more exciting meals at weekends. Come Term 3, it will be the return of super speedy meals to maximise revision time.

I am really enjoying being back home and taking a break from uni life. Next term looks to be a good one, and I am looking forward to seeing my friends again and starting new modules 🙂 

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