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Looking after yourself whilst at university

Most students at Warwick, including myself, come to study here because they have found a course they adore and they want to fully immerse themselves in university life. We’ve all dreamt of juggling a stimulating degree with an exciting social life, perhaps an exec position on a sports club or society, maybe volunteering, a part-time job… And this sort of lifestyle is great. I think it really sets you up with the skills needed to excel in future careers, cultivate good habits and start to become an actual adulty adult (gasp). I’ve realised though that this can sometimes become unsustainable.

That moment came for me last week when I became ill and ended up spending a night in hospital. It came as a shock and I ended up missing a week of lectures and classes. Although it wasn’t a pleasant experience, I realised I had been ignoring my body telling me I just needed to rest for a long time. Since then I’ve really had to take life much slower, but it also made me think how common my situation is on campus; with summer exams looming there must be many more people feeling a bit fried at this time of year.

Amidst the business of campus life, it is easy to forget to take time out for yourself, but there are some great facilities on campus to help, including the health centre, which were great with me, as well as plenty of people to talk for support. With it being Mental Health Day earlier this month, there were plenty of events and workshops happening, though campus often has pop up events to help with mental health, be it Doggy Destress Day or craft afternoons in the library. It’s great that the conversation around mental health and looking after yourself is becoming more and more open, and so I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to take care of myself when I’m feeling a bit tired and drained.

1. Go for a walk


2. Talk to a friend

3. Cook a nice meal


4. Go to a Study Happy Library event

5. Nap it out


(Photo credit: Amy. This was me waiting for everyone to arrive to a circle last term- it was convenient that my costume was a bed)

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