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Location, Location, Location: Lakeside Edition

With exams over, my first year at university is coming to an end, and this also means that I will no longer be staying in Lakeside next year. To round up the end of term, I have decided to create a list of Lakeside’s pros and cons to help you decide whether Lakeside would be the right accommodation choice for you. 


  • You get an ensuite. For me, this was one of the best things about staying in Lakeside, since I didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with a bunch of strangers. 

  • There are only eight people in a flat. Although this may be a con if you’re someone who loves socialising with lots of people, I enjoyed having a smaller number of flatmates as it allowed me to get to know each of them better. Plus, it meant that the flat was generally quieter and the kitchen was less busy than it would be in a flat with more people. 

  • It’s in a quieter area of campus. Since Lakeside is slightly removed from central campus, this means that it was generally a pretty quiet area to live in. However, don’t expect Lakeside to be completely silent at all times. Since it is still student accommodation, it did sometimes get noisy, especially on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights but this is to be expected from any accommodation

  • There’s lots of greenery and the area surrounding Lakeside is very nice. True to its name, Lakeside is right next to the lake, meaning that, depending on which side of the buildings you’re on, you get a nice view of the lake and surrounding areas from your window.

  • There’s lots of wildlife including a variety of geese, rabbits, herons and apparently a fox (although I’ve never seen it personally.) If you hate geese or birds in general then Lakeside definitely isn’t the right place for you! Although they were unexpected, I came to enjoy the company of the 40+ geese and their goslings that roamed around Lakeside. 

  • The rooms are very big. Although you don’t get a double bed, the rooms in Lakeside are much larger than I was expecting which meant that I had plenty of room to store everything without the room feeling cramped 

  • Although Lakeside is slightly further out from central campus than some other accommodations, it is closer to other things such as Westwood, the new Sports and Wellness Hub and the WBS buildings. This makes it a good choice for anyone who will be regularly frequenting these areas.


  • It’s expensive. Compared to places like Whitefields, Lakeside does cost more per week. However, the price is justified due to the ensuites and large rooms.

  • It’s further from central campus. Lakeside is around a 10 minute walk from central campus which may not be ideal for some people.

  • Lakeside isn’t very modern. Compared to Sherbourn or Blue Bell, the exterior and interior of Lakeside sometimes seem quite dated. This means that the windows are a bit thinner and more drafty, and the appliances in the kitchen are slightly older. 

  • Lakeside probably isn’t ideal for you if you love going out and socialising all the time with lots of people due to the small number of people in a flat and its quieter location on campus. 

  • It’s about a 20 minute walk from Cannon Park which is quite a long way to walk in the hot weather while carrying heavy shopping bags!

Personally, I have really enjoyed staying at Lakeside and I hope this list provides you with more information about Lakeside to help you decide whether or not it’s the right accommodation for you.

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