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Living on campus over the summer (URSS Diaries #5)

So far I have completed five out of eight weeks of my summer research project, and I am still thoroughly enjoying it! To quickly update you on my progress, over the last week I have continued modelling the star system. It is interesting and challenging work, though I am realising just how tricky this star system is to model!

For the duration of my project, I have been in Cryfield. I have been impressed with it so far as the rooms are a decent size and I’ve missed having kitchens and bathrooms regularly cleaned!

Campus has also, understandably, been looking during the summer. Being in the Warwick “bubble” means I sometimes forget how lovely and luscious the surroundings are.







What’s surprised me most about being here over summer is how has been. I expected it to be super quiet, yet there have been numerous conferences and events running throughout. For example one morning I was walking into the science department and passed through a conference for anatomists! It was exciting, and certainly very unexpected, to see intricately detailed, life-sized models of the human body being showcased on the science concourse.

Alongside the conferences, there have also been events shown on the in the Piazza. With a couple of friends I watched the opera La Traviata, which was a nice way to spend the evening. Wimbledon was also shown on the screen, and I spent some lovely breaks sat in the sun, eating my lunch and watching the tennis!

And finally, was a few weeks ago. It may have been because the pollen count was particularly high, or because I am a massive softie (I think it’s the last one) but watching the graduands and their loved ones milling around made me feel more than a bit emotional. I am often – no- always proud of being a Warwick student, and being surrounded by my fellow students, who have worked hard for several years and are now entering the big, wide world made me more proud than I have ever been. The atmosphere was similar to the Open Days that I adore so much, yet rather than fresh-faced six-formers breathing in the scene it was accomplished young adults ready to face their next challenge. It made me excited for what the future holds and the new adventures out there after Warwick!


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